Here are some fantastic examples of websites that have increased their sales with WooCommerce Product Table. Thanks to the authors for giving permission to showcase their websites. You can also find a full index of plugin case studies below.

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Full index of WooCommerce Product Table case studies

AVA BarAVA Bar og Spiseri is a takeaway restaurant based in the northern Norwegian town of Harstad. They offer a range of takeaway food and drink from pizza to salads, and hot chocolate to smoothies. Everything can be ordered online via the website designed by Lykke Media. To keep the order process simple, they decided to power their online food order form with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. It's a straightforward online food order form, simple for customers to use. As there's a long list of food available to order, the menu has been split into different groups of food. There's …food-ordering
Barks & Squeaks
Barks & SqueaksBarks & Squeaks sell gifts for your furry friends. They used our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create a build your own pet hamper page for their website. It's very popular as a WooCommerce 'build your own product' plugin. This is a great example of how to use it. The build your own hamper page guides the customer through a 3-step process. First, they select the hamper type from a product table containing a variable product with different options in a variations dropdown. Next, they choose the contents of the build your own hamper. The hamper products are listed in …build-your-own-products
Brewery online store
Beer Drive ThruBeer Drive Thru is a brewery online store that sells beers and ciders online to customers in England, Scotland, and Wales. They used our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin to let customers place orders online using a one-page order form. The brewery set up two different pages – Brewery Click ‘n’ Collect / Local Delivery and Nationwide Home Delivery – to give their customers the option to either collect orders from the store or have them delivered to their doorstep. Both pages have a similar one-page order form with a few differences. The beer and cider prices and minimum beer …one-page-order-form food-ordering
Boom Bap Labs
Boom Bap LabsBoom Bap Labs is an audio shop. Their mission is to keep real hip hop alive. They sell complete sound libraries on the Boom Bap Labs website. On their other site, Paypersample, they sell individual sounds with audio previews in an easy to navigate table layout. To do this, they used the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create a WooCommerce audio shop. Customers want to be able to hear a sample before buying audio. That's why Boom Bap Labs needed to embed audio samples into the product table. They've done this by using WooCommerce Product Table with the WordPress HTML5 Audio Player …audio-video audio-library
Boundary Devices
Boundary DevicesBoundary Devices is a leading global supplier of ARM-based Single Board Computers and SOMs or System on Modules, creating custom solutions based exactly on specifications of their clients. Boundary Devices use WooCommerce Product Table plugin to allow customers to purchase variations of their products directly on all of their Single Product pages (see the 'Buy Now' tab). They also use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to showcase their Accessories that can be purchased as Add-Ons on all of their single product pages (see the 'Accessories' tab). They cleverly use WooCommerce Tab Manager to add tabs for each product table on …build-your-own-products product-list technical-products
WooCommerce dating plugin
Dare to DateDare to Date are using our WooCommerce Product Table plugin in an unusual and interesting way! Belgian web design agency Fixdawel were developing a speed dating website for Dare to Date. They needed an innovative and user-friendly way to list upcoming dating events. The brief was for people to search for dating events based on information such as type of event, location, gender and age. The website should list suitable events. The WooCommerce dating website needed to list products in a structured layout with various data about each event. Customers should be able to select their gender and book a place using …courses-events
WooCommerce bulk ordering sheet plugin
Darren Bowen PhotographyDarren Bowen Photography is a photographer based in the US who has used the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create two bulk ordering sheets. One for coffee mugs and another for iPad covers. Darren has created a range of products that feature his eye-catching photography. Customers can buy the items individually or in bulk using the WooCommerce bulk ordering page. It's now easy for his customers to buy a range of different mugs or iPad covers. And it can all be done from one page.  Here's how it works. There are two bulk ordering pages. One page has a product list of all …photography product-list
Davora WooCommerce Wholesale Store
Davora Wholesale StoreDavora sell ethnic and minor season greetings cards on a WordPress e-commerce website. They have devised an innovative way to combine WooCommerce Product Tables with a wholesale pricing plugin such as WooCommerce Wholesale Pro. The former displays wholesale products in a user-friendly grid layout. The wholesale pricing plugin charges different prices to logged in wholesale users. It also adds other features such as minimum order quantity. Both plugins work together to create a fully functional WooCommerce wholesale store. Customers can log into the WooCommerce wholesale store and find the product category they need. They will then see the products in an interactive …one-page-order-form product-list wholesale
Deliciously Clean Eats
Deliciously Clean EatsDeliciously Clean Eats is a pre-packaged meal provider based in South East Queensland, Australia. Meals are ordered in advance on the website and delivered to the customer's home. Each customer selects their meals and snacks before completing their order with the WooCommerce checkout. But with a huge number of options and variations, the order form needed to be made customer friendly. That's why Deliciously Clean Eats chose to use our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. They set it up by following the steps in our tutorial about how to build a WooCommerce restaurant ordering system. The order process is now quick and …build-your-own-products food-ordering
Sell dentist equipment WooCommerce
Dental Safety SolutionsDental Safety Solutions supply dentists across the USA with dentistry equipment. They sell the products online on their WordPress website. But to make it easier for their clients, they've created combo packs for their respirator equipment. Customers can get everything they need to go with the respiratory masks such as cleaning wipes, filters, face shields and protection programs. There are two combo packs, each has a different page showing several product tables powered by our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. Dental Safety Solutions have made it simple to add products and programs to the shopping cart. Customers don't have to buy everything …technical-products
WooCommerce Audio Gallery
DosadoDosado use a Product Table as a WooCommerce audio library plugin to sell audio files on their WordPress website. The WooCommerce table plugin displays their music products in an audio library grid. The library includes embedded audio players so that customers can listen to the tracks before buying. This is done using the built-in WordPress playlist feature which works with the WooCommerce audio library plugin. The website has a separate audio library table for each month. The WooCommerce library displays the track name, embedded audio track, date and price. The 'Add to cart' button alongside each product makes it easy to add an audio product to the cart and …audio-video product-list
Dunbar Sales
Dunbar SalesDunbar Sales is a US company supplying MIL-spec adhesives, paints, coatings, lubricants and corrosion preventatives. The Dunbar Sales website lists the technical products available to purchase but as they don't require large images, the default WooCommerce grid layout wasn't right for the company. All it needed was a simple product list view. That's exactly why the developers chose our plugin, WooCommerce Product Table. The product table lists the products in a neat tabular layout with columns for name (which is used for product code), summary, plus 'Buy' column with product variation dropdowns. Dunbar Sales have enhanced the product table's functionality …product-list technical-products
Exhibition Stands
Exhibition StandsExhibition Stands is a UK based exhibition company. They hire and sell exhibition stands using their WordPress WooCommere website. Companies can buy or hire everything they need to exhibit at a show. With so many options, they needed an easy way to guide customers through the order process. That's why they needed our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. The order process is broken down into a 5-step structure. Each part of the process is a different page with a new product table. The customer can navigate from one step to another using the links at the top and bottom of the pages. …courses-events product-list
WooCommerce kitchen store
First KitchensFirst Kitchens have a WooCommerce kitchen website selling kitchen doors and accessories. They use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin in innovative ways to allow customers to order kitchen parts. The single product pages contain a product table listing options of related parts for that product. For example, accessories to match the kitchen door that the customer is currently viewing. Each part is purchasable separately from the table of variations. Customers can use the single product page as a complete WooCommerce order form, adding everything they require to the cart from this one page. The product table format lets First Kitchens display …product-list
Flowers by Annette
Flowers by AnnetteFlowers by Annette Flowers by Annette is an online florist that lets customers build their own hand-tied bouquets and gift packs. Their website was built by Delight Designs, who used our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create a one-page order form for their flower bouquet and gift pack products. The online store uses WooCommerce Product Table on all six of their product pages: Soft & Dreamy Bouquet Soft & Dreamy Bouquet Gift Pack Natural & Native Bouquet Natural & Native Bouquet Gift Pack Bright & Bold Bouquet Bright & Bold Bouquet Gift Pack How our plugin solved their problem Flowers by …build-your-own-products product-list
WooCommerce school events booking plugin
Foothills Montessori SchoolWordPress agency Bright Vessel were designing a website for Foothills Montessori School. They used our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to enable the school to take bookings for their upcoming summer camps. The website features multiple product tables on the same page, each listing a particular category of events.  It uses the column options in WooCommerce Product Table to choose which data to display about each event. Students and parents can see the event date, description and price - everything they need to decide which events to book. The add to cart buttons in the product table make it easy to …courses-events
WooCommerce Food Catering Website
Helletun CateringHelletun Catering use our WooCommerce Product Table plugin for their online food ordering system. They use it to sell international tapas dishes in a user-friendly WooCommerce order form. The dishes are listed in multiple tables, each listing a different section from the tapas menu. There are separate columns for the food names, list of allergens, price, and add to cart column with quantity picker. The WooCommerce catering website uses the 'checkbox' add to cart option, which has multi-select tick boxes - a great way to encourage customers to place a bigger order. There are some variable products in the table, where …one-page-order-form food-ordering
Gift Vouchers
Indigo MindLabsIndigo MindLabs use WooCommerce Product Table as an e-commerce product list plugin. WordPress WooCommerce websites all over the world use it to list their e-commerce products in a compact and interactive format. There are many uses for product tables, and Indigo MindLabs use them to list their subliminal programs and gift certificates for sale. All their e-commerce products are listed in a searchable, sortable table product list view so that customers can view them on a single page. Customers can click from the list to the single product page to view more information. The product list plugin also lets them select …one-page-order-form product-list
WooCommerce gallery lightbox plugin
Ink This and ThatInk This and That sell clothing and accessories on their WordPress WooCommerce website. They have improved customer experience and increased sales by combining two of Barn2's plugins: WooCommerce Product Table - lists their clothing products in a user-friendly one-page WooCommerce order form. Customers can view large numbers of products, select variations and quantities, and add to the cart - all from a single page. WooCommerce Quick View Pro - this WooCommerce gallery lightbox plugin allows customers to click on a product image to view additional product images in a product lightbox. Learn how to achieve the same on your own …clothes
Inspire Cosmetics - mix and match cosmetics boxes
Inspire CosmeticsInspire Cosmetics is a US-based cosmetics company offering customers affordably priced cosmetics. They have used WooCommerce to create a responsive and user-friendly Build Your Own Experience Box product. The WooCommerce Product Table plugin supports the pick-your-own experience boxes. Thanks to a multi-step page, customers add products to their experience boxes in simple stages. First, they choose their experience box. Next, the customer selects the box contents from two lists. And finally, the order is completed with the WooCommerce cart and checkout. The WooCommerce Product Table works alongside two other plugins - the Beaver Builder WordPress page builder plugin - used to create the tabbed layout. …build-your-own-products product-list
Sell royalty free music online
MusamaxMusamax is a music licensing company that sells background music tracks for YouTube or TikTok videos, podcasts, Facebook or Instagram, advertising, or any other kind of video or multimedia project. They’ve used our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to list music tracks in a table with buying options. How our plugin solved their problem Musamax were looking for a way to list music tracks in a neat layout on their website to make it easy for users to find the perfect tracks for their projects. They wanted a solution that would let them list music tracks in a table layout and …audio-video product-list
WooCommerce music store
Music DropMusic Drop is the brainchild of Louis Colaiannia, an award-winning musician. It's a music platform that helps musicians to sell music online and allows music lovers to discover new artists and purchase their music. Musicians and music lovers visit the site so Music Drop is set up to cater for both. Artists can create a profile and upload their music to sell. Listeners can peruse the artists directory, find out about upcoming events and purchase music. Music can be sold and purchased easily because the site uses our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. Each artist's page has a product table. Users …audio-video audio-library
Nico Backing Tracks
Nico Backing TracksNico is a composer of background music for producers. He sells his background music tracks through his website - Nico Backing Tracks. Nico chose our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to list his backing tracks in a WooCommerce audio store, and he's so glad he did. "Amazing plugin!" - Nico Nico needed audio players embedded into the product list so his customers could listen to snippets of each track. Our WooCommerce Product Table plugin is perfect for this and much more.  Each backing track is listed in a sortable table with the audio sample in the first column. The list can be …audio-video product-list
WooCommerce Phone Number Directory Plugin
NumbergroupNumbergroup use our WooCommerce product list table plugin to make it easier for customers to buy 0800 numbers. The phone numbers for sale are listed in a product list table with prices and 'Buy Now' buttons. Customers can search the product list to find a suitable phone number. This WooCommerce table is nice and simple, providing excellent user experience to maximise sales. Numbergroup have inserted the product table within a popup so that users can click on a button to view the available phone numbers. You can do this for your own site by installing WooCommerce Product Table and adding the product table shortcode using …directory one-page-order-form product-list serve fresh vegetarian food to their customers in the Albany area in the U.S. They specialize in cooking traditional Indian food. Customers can order online with the quick single order form powered by our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. There are several steps to a single order. You need to choose your curry, side dishes and beverages. With that many options, it can get a little overwhelming, but that's why it's broken down into four bite-sized stages using the Elementor page builder plugin. This plugin adds an accordion. And each accordion contains a new product table. Each product table can be …product-list food-ordering
Photo Studio TNK
Photo Studio TNKThierry runs Photo Studio TNK, a WooCommerce photography website. He's a wedding and studio photographer based in Paris. Selling prints to clients is a big part of Thierry's business, so he needed to find the right WordPress plugins to make the buying process simple and secure. When Thierry came across our WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Protected Categories plugins, he knew he'd found the answer. Thierry's customer photographs need to be kept out of the public domain. That's why he creates secure areas using our WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin. Each client is given their own hidden WooCommerce category which can only be accessed with a password. The …one-page-order-form photography
Plotter Shop list variations as products on the single product page
Plotter ShopPlotter Shop is a Dutch company that sells large format printers. They use our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to display WooCommerce related products in a table on the single product page. Plotter Shop's website acts as a WooCommerce product catalog for their customers. Each printer has one page with a large image and a general description. A series of separate tabs below the image display extra information including the technical details and related products. Four of the tabs include different related product tables for ink cartridges, paper, print heads and downloads. This is where our WooCommerce Product Table plugin comes into action. …technical-products
PolBazar24 One-Page WooCommerce Order Form
PolBazar24PolBazar24 uses Product Table as a WooCommerce one-page order form plugin to sell their wholesale Polish food products. It lists important information about each product in sortable table. This includes the product featured image to give a visual element to the table. The order form also displays the product name, description, SKU number, weight and price. The stock level indicator tells customers whether the product is in stock. For 'In stock' products, they can select the required quantity and add to cart, all from this single page WooCommerce order form. Customers can click on a category name in the order form to sort …one-page-order-form product-list wholesale
List products multiple variation dropdowns
Print StationPrint Station is a print house based in South Africa. They specialise in short print runs of digitally printed flyers, business cards and mugs. There are a lot of options for customers to choose from when ordering, including the paper size, quality of the paper and the finish. With so many options, Print Station needed a couple of plugins to make it easy for customers to place an order. That's why they decided to use our WooCommerce Product Table plugin along with the WordPress page builder plugin. Our WooCommerce Product Table plugin has been used to create a series of product tables. Each product …one-page-order-form
WooCommerce Product Table Food Order Form Plugin
Provenance MeatProvenance Meat is a global exporter of ethically farmed, high quality New Zealand lamb. They needed to create a WooCommerce food order system to sell lamb to chefs and restaurateurs all over the world. After researching suitable plugins, they discovered our WooCommerce Product Table order form plugin. They used the plugin to create a user-friendly WooCommerce food order form. The order form is professional, clean and simple-looking to match the rest of the website. There are columns for product image, SKU/code, product name (cut), price, plus multi-select add to cart checkboxes with a single 'Add Selected to Cart' button at the end of …one-page-order-form food-ordering
SharkCratesSharkCrates sells reusable wooden shipping crates through their website. Because of the variety of wood crate sizes and specifications, they chose to use our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to power their product table. They've added a product table to their product descriptions. It gives them extra flexibility when listing products and multiple variations. Each product is listed with custom fields where the technical data for each product is stored. Each column in the product table lists data from the custom fields. As all the crates are listed in one product table on a single page, it's easy for customers to …product-list
Squarz Bakery and Cafe
Squarz Bakery and CafeSquarz is a cafe and bakery based in Tempe, Arizona. They also run a WordPress catering website.  Squarz wanted to make it easy for customers to place larger orders online. Like many food businesses, they installed the WooCommerce Product Table plugin on their catering page. It allows Squarz to list their full selection of pies, pastries, salads and drinks in a bulk order form. Some products have multiple variations and options that the customer must decide between. Standard variations weren't flexible enough for Squarz, so they used WooCommerce Product Table with the Product Add-Ons plugin to add extra dropdowns and tick boxes. …product-list food-ordering
Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center
Tallahassee Christian College and Training CenterTallahassee Christian College and Training Center offers higher education and training courses in Florida, USA. The college provides a wide range of courses for adults of all ages. The website is a useful tool for all students and the college. First of all, students can register and pay for courses online because the website uses WooCommerce. This is integrated with Moodle thanks to the free Edwiser Bridge plugin, so the courses are automatically imported as WooCommerce products. Finally, our WooCommerce Product Table is used to list the courses in an easy to sort table. Using the WooCommerce Product Table means that students are able …courses-events
Tewes Corp WooCommerce Product Table featured image
Tewes CorpTewes Corporation provides stock and custom packaging options for every application. Our WooCommerce Product Table plugin is used. This lists their wide selection of diverse packaging options and related products across multiple tables. They style their product tables to their company colors for aesthetics and ease of use. You can browse them here, here and here. This is done with the built in plugin table design customization options and custom CSS. In addition, the table layout uses columns (part numbers/SKU and a volume custom field) to display various types of technical products better. The use of multiple dropdown filters allows …one-page-order-form product-list technical-products wholesale
The Games Den
The Games DenThe Games Den The Games Den sells a wide range of board games, tabletop games, and card games and provides space for gaming. They’ve used the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to list new arrivals in a neat table layout on their online store. How our plugin solved their problem The Games Den were looking for a way to list new arrivals on their website to make it easy for customers to find the games and accessories they were looking for. This involved displaying the product’s image, name, and description in a neat and organized way. They used the WooCommerce Product …
The Tobermory Fish Co
The Tobermory Fish CoThe Tobermory Fish Co uses our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to sell fish products online to the UK from the Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland. Our plugin powers several product tables. The product tables make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for, but also they help customers browse through the list of products. Plus, each table can be sorted by price or product name by just clicking on the title at the top of the table. Products are split into different categories such as salmon and gift boxes. And since there's a product table for each group, …product-list food-ordering
TV Production Contacts
TV Production's mission is to connect people within the TV production industry. The site hosts an online directory of contacts. The directory includes the details for individual producers to production companies and even CEOs. Company details are free to view whereas individuals' contact details are hidden but available to purchase. This is where our WooCommerce Product Table plugin provided a perfect solution. The directory has thousands of entries, but it's easy for visitors to the site to sort through the listings using the three dropdowns. You can filter the table by industry and location, and also choose whether you look for …directory
WooCommerce Product Comparison Table Plugin
Universal FansUniversal Fans sell electrical fans, which are described using some fairly complex technical data. They needed a way for customers to compare the various technical data in a structured WooCommerce comparison table. After trialling some free plugins that weren't suitable, Universal Fans discovered our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin. They used it to create a WooCommerce product comparison table with all the technical data they needed. Since they sell a lot of products, they added a keyword search box and attribute filters to help customers find the products with the correct specification. Customers can click on any product in the WooCommerce …product-list technical-products
VCA Talen
VCA TalenVCA Talen provides employee and managerial training, exams, and certifications to promote safety in the workplace for multilingual, multicultural organizations. They use our WooCommerce Product Table WordPress plugin to list their courses and exams in tables. The table layout makes it easy to find specific training or exams. Users can easily select the options they require and then add straight to the cart. There are multiple filter dropdowns above each table, making it easy to find specific exams. VCA Talen's developer did some extra styling to center and style the filters and give them a distinct, contrasting background colour. This makes the …courses-events one-page-order-form product-list
Wavelength Electronics
Wavelength ElectronicsWavelength Electronics is based in Montana, USA. The company manufactures and sells laser diode, quantum cascade laser and thermoelectric controllers. Wavelength Electronics used our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create product comparison tables of each product category. The lists make it simple for customers to compare several products in one easy-to-read table. To make it even easier for customers to compare products, they created WooCommerce custom fields to display extra data in the table. The table includes ticks and PDF icons with links to downloadable data sheets. Moreover, customers are able to filter each product table in several ways thanks to the …product-list technical-products
WooCommerce wholesale quick view plugin
Yarn GateYarn Gate sell premium yarns and wools for wholesale and trade. They use our WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugins to list wholesale products in a table, with 'Select color' buttons that open up a quick view lightbox. They also use our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin to allow wholesale users to register and get special pricing. Logged in trade users can select colors from the quick view lightbox and add to the cart. They then return to the list of yarns, where they can continue adding more products to their order. This is much more user-friendly than the …integrations wholesale

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