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Provide a faster way to order wholesale products online
Davora WooCommerce Wholesale Store

Davora sell ethnic and minor season greetings cards on a WordPress e-commerce website.

They have devised an innovative way to combine WooCommerce Product Tables with a wholesale pricing plugin such as WooCommerce Wholesale Pro. The former displays wholesale products in a user-friendly grid layout. The wholesale pricing plugin charges different prices to logged in wholesale users. It also adds other features such as minimum order quantity. Both plugins work together to create a fully functional WooCommerce wholesale store.

Customers can log into the WooCommerce wholesale store and find the product category they need. They will then see the products in an interactive HTML table with multiple column headers displaying useful information. The table includes add to cart buttons and functions as a one-page WooCommerce order form. This makes the process much easier for wholesale users who already know which products they need and don't want to browse through multiple pages.

The public WooCommerce store is unaffected by the wholesale plugins. Davora use normal WooCommerce category layouts for their retail customers, who can't see the wholesale layouts behind the scenes.

Use the plugin knowledge base to plan how you can use WooCommerce Product Table in innovative ways of your own!

Davora WooCommerce Wholesale Store


See WooCommerce Product Table in action on the Davora wholesale store.

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