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WooCommerce wholesale quick view plugin

Yarn Gate sell premium yarns and wools for wholesale and trade. They use our WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugins to list wholesale products in a table, with 'Select color' buttons that open up a quick view lightbox.

Logged in trade users can select colors from the quick view lightbox and add to the cart. They then return to the list of yarns, where they can continue adding more products to their order. This is much more user-friendly than the standard WooCommerce grid layout because wholesale customers can see more products per page, and purchase color variations without being taken to a separate page for each item. This speeds up the buying process and maximises sales.

Yarn Gate have achieved this fantastic setup by combining the following plugins:

As a WooCommerce wholesale shop, they also wanted to hide the prices from logged out users. You can do this using a plugin such as Hide Price Until Login.

WooCommerce wholesale quick view plugin

Learn how to achieve the same on your own website in our tutorial about how to build a WooCommerce wholesale store.

Add product tables with WooCommerce wholesale quick view popups to your own WordPress site.


See WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Quick View Pro in action on the Yarn Gate online store.

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