Here are some fantastic examples of different types of websites that have increased their sales with Posts Table Pro. Thanks to the authors for giving permission to showcase their websites. You can also find a full index of plugin case studies below.

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Full index of Posts Table Pro case studies

WordPress e-commerce product table
Abingdon SparesAbingdon Spares uses Posts Table Pro as an e-commerce product table WordPress plugin. It can display products from most WordPress e-commerce plugins in a searchable table view. The e-commerce product table functions as an interactive database of used car parts. The table has various columns to list information about each product, including custom fields to store specific data. Visitors can search for a keyword, change the number of e-commerce products shown on click on a column header to sort the table. They can also click on a model to filter for that model. Once they have found the product they want, they can click through to view more …directory e-commerce-products
AgileSparksAgileSparks offer training courses to technology organizations around the world. They use our Posts Table Pro WordPress table plugin with the Events Calendar plugin to list training courses in a searchable table on their website. The events are stored by the Events Calendar. They are then displayed on the front end of the website using Posts Table Pro. This provides an interactive table layout with instant AJAX search and multiple filters, so that users can instantly find a suitable training course. They can then click through to read more about each event and book via WooCommerce and Event Tickets Plus. By combining …courses-events
WordPress table plugin affiliate
All TimelinesAll Timelines provide easy-to-follow timelines allowing you to read your favorite storytelling series' in the correct chronological order. They use our Posts Table Pro WordPress table plugin to create filterable lists of different book series, with eye-catching affiliate links encouraging users to purchase the featured books. The table plugin lists the books in a searchable, sortable table with filters for author, title, year and other data. Fans can easily sort and filter to find the books they're interested in, then click on a referral link to buy on Amazon. Looking for a full e-commerce solution? If you want to list …affiliate-products book-store e-commerce-products
WordPress document database
Calne Without Parish CouncilCalne Without Parish Council is a parish council in the county of Wiltshire in the U.K. They have a website where you can find local news and useful information about the area. It keeps all the parishioners up to date with the council's news and activities. The website also has a WordPress document database which stores all the archived documents alongside new ones. Anyone can access the database at any time. The archive contains a wide range of information including meeting minutes, agendas and public notices. So with more than 340 documents, they needed a good system to help people …directory document-library
Sortable WordPress jobs site plugin
Cardiac OutputCardiac Output is a UK jobs site for cardiology vacancies. For more than twenty years Cardiac Output used a printed job bulletin. But with more people searching for jobs online, they realised they needed to build an online job board, too. They used to have a different WordPress jobs site plugin, but weren't happy with the quality. Rebuilding the job board using the Posts Table Pro plugin was the obvious choice. Users can now easily sort through the list of vacancies by using the search, sort and filter functions. Sorting the list by categories such as location and job title, or even …job-board
WordPress table directory of airlines
Checkin ReminderCheckin Reminder uses Posts Table Pro as a directory plugin. WordPress and Posts Table Pro are the perfect combination to create an interactive directory of airlines. Each airline is stored in the WordPress directory as a custom post. The directory plugin automatically generates a table listing various data about each airline. Tourists and business travellers can use the directory to find checkin information about their airline. This helps them to organise their travel plans quickly and easily. The directory website is available in 2 languages, with a table for each. The directory plugin is fully searchable and sortable. It includes columns listing the airline …directory
Display archives in sortable table
Christendom MediaChristendom Media use Posts Table Pro as a post archive WordPress plugin. It displays their journal archives in a searchable, sortable HTML table. Each journal is listed as a separate row in the post archive, with columns for title, author and date. A search box above the WordPress table makes it easy to find articles about a specific topic. Pagination at the bottom of the table lets you scroll through the WordPress post archives to view more entries. When they've found a journal they're interested in, visitors can click on the title of any journal in the archive table to view it …archives blog-post-index
WordPress Table Listing Reviews - Cyyclical
Cyyclical ReviewsCyyclical publish use Posts Table Pro as a WordPress reviews plugin. It lists reviews helping people find the best yo-yo toys. The reviews are listed in an interactive WordPress table. The reviews plugin lists reviews in the WordPress table in reverse date order. There are columns for each review's featured image/thumbnail, title and date. Visitors can click on a review title in the table to read the full review. They can also search or sort the reviews table to find a review of the products they're interested
De Pree LFL
De Pree CenterThe Max De Pree Center for Leadership aims to equip leaders to respond faithfully to God’s callings using a variety of resources including books, podcasts, video series, journal articles, and more. They’ve used the Posts Table Pro plugin to create an index of resources for site visitors. How our plugin solved their problem De Pree Center were looking for a way to create an index of resources for leaders on their website in a user-friendly way. This involved creating and displaying an index of their entire collection of 2,800+ posts with information about each post. An index was necessary to …
Delta County
Delta CountyThe Delta County website is a central resource for everyone living and working in Delta County, Michigan. Residents can register to vote, apply for building permits, view board meeting minutes and even search old birth and death records. Brandon Couvillion created the site and he decided to install our Posts Table Pro plugin to create a WordPress document library. Brandon first considered having someone else develop their site. After getting quotes ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, he reconsidered. Using WordPress and a few plugins Brandon was able to create the site for less than $500. And he's happy with our plugin and …document-library
WordPress events list plugin
Dr. Claudia WelchAs a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Claudia Welch teaches many students and has developed a range of online courses on the subject of eastern medicine. Dr Welch sells these online courses on her website using a WordPress events list. How Our Plugin Solved Their Problem Not so long ago, Dr. Welch started getting requests from students asking if they could buy individual chapters from her courses instead of purchasing a full online course. It made a lot of sense to Dr. Welch, but with single chapters as well as the full online courses available, it meant the website now …courses-events e-commerce-products
case study Eastern Learning Alliance featured image
Eastern Learning AllianceEastern Learning Alliance is a group of educational institutions spanning Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, England.  Eastern Learning Alliance needed a solution that could help them display their school network vacancies in a sortable table format. For this, the Post Table Pro plugin proved to be a perfect solution. On the vacancies page, all the job titles are listed with relevant details in separate columns such as location, contract type, and application deadline date. Applicants can easily sort the job listings by clicking on the respective column head. The new vacancies are automatically added to the table when a job is created …
ENinsiderENinsider helps users navigate the expert (or knowledge) industry by providing a directory of expert networks that they can browse and request a quote from. They used our Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin to create a directory of expert networks that visitors could easily search through and find the expert networks they’d like to get in touch with. The directory of expert network listings makes it easy for people to search for the knowledge networks they’re interested in contacting for a quote. Visitors can request a quote from up to five expert networks at a time. Users can sort the …directory
WordPress table plugin Easy Digital Downloads
Fascinated SoundFascinated Sound sell sound effects and music on their WordPress website. They were looking for an Easy Digital Downloads audio store plugin to list their music products with embedded media players. They achieved exactly what they needed by combining Easy Digital Downloads with two other plugins: Posts Table Pro WordPress table plugin - An easy way to list Easy Digital Downloads products in a table with customizable columns, filters and buy buttons. Compact WP Audio Player - A free plugin to created small embedded audio players. The audio store products are listed in a structured table layout with separate columns for the …audio-library e-commerce-products
WordPress recipe index
Feed Me I’m HungryFeed Me I’m Hungry is a food blog that regularly publishes recipes of all types including appetizers, main dishes, desserts, drinks, and allergy-friendly recipes. They used our Posts Table Pro plugin to create a WordPress recipe index to list recipes in a user-friendly way. How our plugin solved their problem Feed Me I’m Hungry publishes all sorts of recipes on their food blog. They needed a way to make it easy for readers to quickly find the recipe they were looking for from their collection of nearly 400 recipes. When a visitor lands on the Recipe Index page, they see …document-library
Ian Martin Job List
Ian Martin Job is a Canadian-based recruitment and project-staffing firm. They specialize in IT and engineering recruitment. They needed a job board WordPress plugin which could list jobs in a required layout and handle custom post types. The plugin also needed to work with a plugin called Matador. Matador pulls jobs from the applicant tracking system, and the job ads are then displayed as custom post types. That's why chose our Posts Table Pro plugin. Posts Table Pro is ideal for's job list. With the plugin, jobs can be divided into categories and industries, then filtered to requirements by the jobseeker. With the filter dropdown, …job-board
Indiana Broadcasters Association list station details
Indiana Broadcasters AssociationThe Indiana Broadcasters Association is an alliance of nearly 300 member radio and television broadcasters. They use our Posts Table Pro plugin to list station details and contact information in a table layout on their site’s front-end. How our plugin solved their problem Indiana Broadcasters Association needed a way to list their 300 member radio and television broadcasters on their site’s front-end to make it easy for visitors to find a station. They created a Find a Station page on their site listing all of the stations and station details. When a visitor lands on the page, they can search …directory
Private WordPress member directory plugin
International Thriller WritersInternational Thriller Writers, also known as ITW, is run by Christopher Graham. ITW is an organisation that represents authors from across the world, but also acts as a community for thriller writers. Christopher's site has a private members directory of thriller, mystery and crime fiction authors. To help authors search for other members with particular skills or knowledge, ITW needed a plugin that could create a searchable database of members. With all of that in mind, Christopher chose to use our Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin. Each member has a personal profile that lists their areas of interest and expertise. The profiles …directory
Journey with Omraam WordPress blog index
Journey with OmraamSpiritual master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov spent almost 50 years giving lectures, writing books and visiting spiritual sites. To continue to spread the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, a global community, Journey with Omraam, was created. Regular posts keep the website content fresh, but with more than 700 posts finding what you're looking for is not easy. Visitors needed a quick way to sort through the posts. And that's exactly what the Posts Table Pro plugin was created for. Using Posts Table Pro Journey with Omraam could create a WordPress index page to list each and every blog post. Now the website has a page …blog-post-index
WordPress audio track library
MusikkbankenMusikkbanken run choirs for children of different ages. They use Posts Table Pro as a music audio library WordPress plugin. It lists samples of the choir's music in a dynamic WordPress table. Each audio track is stored as a separate custom post on the WordPress website. Custom fields are used to store structured information about each song including artist, difficulty, genre and date. Each piece of information is listed as separate columns in the music audio library. Visitors can search the audio library, sort by any column or click through to the individual page for each song. You can use Posts Table …audio-library
WordPress portfolio case studies
Nova GroupNova Group uses Posts Table Pro as a WordPress case studies plugin for their online portfolio. They have created a table-style 'Projects' section for their case studies, neatly listed in an interactive table. Each project is a separate case study, stored within a custom post type in WordPress. The WordPress case studies plugin creates a table-based portfolio or directory listing all the case studies. Key information about each case study is stored as custom fields and displayed as separate columns in the table. The WordPress case studies table is fully searchable and sortable, so customers can quickly find a case study …portfolio
WordPress directory of boats
Old Gaffers AssociationThe Old Gaffers Association uses Posts Table Pro as a table WordPress plugin to create a table-based directory of yachts and boats. On this Dutch-language website, the yachts are listed in an interactive WordPress table, in alphabetical order. The structured table data includes columns for image, name and boat type. They have sensibly kept it as simple as possible, including the most important information about each boat without cluttering up the page. Customers can click on any column header to re-sort the directory in any way they wish. The AJAX search box makes it easy to find the boat you're looking …directory
Book maker reviews
Online Bet ReviewsThe Online Bet Reviews website uses Posts Table Pro as a WordPress review plugin. It lists bookmaker reviews in a WordPress table. The website also uses the plugin to create an interactive table-based directory of free bets. The WordPress reviews and tables plugin presents the bets and reviews in a simple table layout. This makes it easy to find the reviews or bets you're looking for. The bets and reviews are stored in the table as custom posts in the WordPress admin. Custom fields are used to store the various fields of data displayed in the table of reviews. To keep things simple, Online Bet Reviews …reviews
Project Management Essentials blog search
Project Management EssentialsProject Management Essentials Project Management Essentials, founded by Alan Zucker, provides training and advisory services in project management, Agile transformation, and leadership. They used our Posts Table Pro plugin to make their large blog easy to search and navigate for readers. The website uses Posts Table Pro to create an index of website content for their blog. This makes the large blog easy to search and navigate for readers, visitors, and potential clients. How Our Plugin Solved Their Problem Project Management Essentials displays a variety of information about each blog post in their blog post index including an image, title, …
WordPress table church newsletter archive
Rim of the World ChurchRim of the World Church uses Posts Table Pro as a WordPress archive plugin to create a newsletter archive listing their previous bulletins. The newsletters are listed in an interactive WordPress table, which is generated automatically whenever they publish a new newsletter. It is is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, making it easy to browse and read church newsletters. The newsletter archive table is simple but effective, with the date and title of each newsletter. Clicking on a title takes you to the full newsletter, each of which is a separate WordPress post. You can also search for a specific keyword or click …archives blog-post-index
WordPress publications library database plugin
RJ Lee GroupRJ Lee Group use Posts Table Pro as a WordPress publication library plugin for their website. They also use it to list laboratory services, so this website is a great example of the different types of dynamic WordPress tables you can create for publications and other content. The Posts Table Pro plugin is popular for listing any type of document online including publications, resources, and more. Both tables in the EJ Lee Group publications database automatically list content stored on the WordPress website. Whenever a document in the publication library or a service is changed on the website, the table instantly updates itself. …document-library
RT Wise Owls
RT Wise OwlsRT Wise Owls was developed by the Recreational Therapy Program at Temple University. It is a free recreational therapy database and resource center. The website uses our Posts Table Pro plugin to create a sortable literature database. Students and therapists need to be able to quickly sort through the literature list, which isn't easy with almost 400 research resources in the list. That's why four filter drop downs have been added to the top of the table. This provides four different ways to find what they're looking for. They can filter by date, population, type of research and topic. After …directory document-library
Science Fiction Book Reviews
Science Fiction Book ReviewsScience Fiction Book Reviews is a book review site for fans of science fiction. With more than 500 book reviews on the site, they've created two archives. One archive is sorted by publication year, the other is sorted by author. Sci-fi Book Reviews decided to use our Posts Table Pro plugin to create their searchable archives in WordPress. The two archives are found on two different pages. The publication date archive page contains multiple lists, each table is for a different year so the user just scrolls down to find the year they're looking for. Each table can be sorted …directory reviews
Senior Tech Club
Senior Tech ClubSenior Tech Club is the place to go for all your technology tutorials and queries. It was set up to help seniors stay connected with family and friends, but also keep seniors in touch with the changing world around them. The catalog page displays a table of tutorials for all users to look through. There's information about strong passwords, making video calls with Facetime and using Siri. And it's all offered in the form of recipe cards. It's a friendly format that keeps the tutorials easy to follow. As the table of tutorials is long, the page is powered by …directory tutorials
SuperConnection WordPress member directory plugin
SuperConnectionSuperConnection offers classes on self-improvement and personal development. It is a worldwide organisation with members and expert consultants spread across the globe. They have a WordPress member directory that lists all of their consultants. SuperConnection's consultant directory needed to be in the format of an interactive table that users can quickly search and sort. For that reason Posts Table Pro was the obvious choice. Consultants are now listed in a table with two simple columns. One for the consultant's name and another for their location. Although the consultants have been listed in alphabetical order, there's still an option to sort through the data …member-directory
theagentlounge library
The Agent LoungeThe Agent Lounge is a virtual home for real estate agents. It’s a platform where people can meet online, get EAAB support, stay up to date with real estate news, get online training, and much more. They used our Posts Table Pro plugin to create a members-only library of real estate content. The website uses Posts Table Pro on the Library page to make it easy for members to find news articles, training material, and other resources all in one place. How our plugin solved their problem The Agent Lounge displays essential information about each piece of content in the …member-directory
The Kitchen at Middleground Farms
The Kitchen at Middleground FarmsThe Kitchen at Middleground Farms is a cooking experience for foodies, set on a working farm in Oregon, USA. The Kitchen offers a range of cooking events from making pasta to using pressure cookers and everything in between. They use our Posts Table Pro plugin with Events Calendar to sell cookery courses in WordPress. The cookery courses are added to WordPress using the Events Calendar plugin, with tickets on sale using its Event Tickets Plus add-on. They weren't happy with the default layouts that come with the Events Calendar, so they combined these WordPress events plugins with Posts Table Pro. …courses-events e-commerce-products
TV Production Jobs
TV Production is the place to go to find contact details of people in the television production industry. It connects people in the same industry and facilitates networking. The site needed several filterable tables, including a sortable job board - and the Posts Table Pro plugin was the solution. Job seekers can filter the job board by using one of the four dropdowns which include the location and rate. It's easy to scan through the information quickly as the table is arranged in multiple columns. It's also possible to sort by job title or date posted. When you're ready to find out …job-board
WordPress online library plugin
Whatcom County is the Whatcom County Library System’s online presence. It provides easy access to its collection of books and other physical items as well as digital resources such as eBooks, online learning resources and reference databases. During the pandemic crisis, all WCLS library buildings were closed and events such as weekly Storytimes for preschool children were cancelled. WCLS used our Posts Table Pro plugin to create an online library of Storytime videos performed by WCLS children’s librarians. It allows parents to provide their children with the routine and experience at home which they had previously received at the library. Additionally, WCLS updated …audio-video

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