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As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Claudia Welch teaches many students and has developed a range of online courses on the subject of eastern medicine. Dr Welch sells these online courses on her website using a WordPress events list.

How Our Plugin Solved Their Problem

Not so long ago, Dr. Welch started getting requests from students asking if they could buy individual chapters from her courses instead of purchasing a full online course. It made a lot of sense to Dr. Welch, but with single chapters as well as the full online courses available, it meant the website now had 46 different products for sale. But that's where WooCommerce Product Table has come in handy. With this plugin, the website can now list all of these event products. Visitors can easily browse the WordPress events list and sort it by name, category, and price.

Titles Make Pages Easier To Scan With The Eye

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin does away with the traditional archive of individual products or events. These archives tend to be much slower to browse and a table of products would need to be manually created which might not even be sortable. Plus, each time a new product was added that table would have to be updated.

With WooCommerce Product Table, it's simple to dynamically generate a sortable table to show all of Dr. Welch’s courses and events in an easy to browse style for visitors. It's a win-win for Dr Welch and her students.

WordPress events list plugin


See WooCommerce Product Table in action on the Dr. Claudia Welch events list website.

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