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List publications online

Plugin Used

WordPress publications library database plugin

RJ Lee Group use Posts Table Pro as a WordPress publication library plugin for their website.

They also use it to list laboratory services, so this website is a great example of the different types of dynamic WordPress tables you can create for publications and other content. The Posts Table Pro plugin is popular for listing any type of document online including publications, resources, and more.

Both tables in the EJ Lee Group publications database automatically list content stored on the WordPress website. Whenever a document in the publication library or a service is changed on the website, the table instantly updates itself.

The WordPress publication library and list of services have search boxes, allowing users to search the table. Users can also choose how many entries display on each page of the table-based library, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate.

WordPress publications library database plugin


See RJ Lee Group in action on the ? website.

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