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Make their large blog easy to search and navigate for readers

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Project Management Essentials blog search

Project Management Essentials

Project Management Essentials, founded by Alan Zucker, provides training and advisory services in project management, Agile transformation, and leadership. They used our Posts Table Pro plugin to make their large blog easy to search and navigate for readers.

The website uses Posts Table Pro to create an index of website content for their blog. This makes the large blog easy to search and navigate for readers, visitors, and potential clients.

How Our Plugin Solved Their Problem

Project Management Essentials displays a variety of information about each blog post in their blog post index including an image, title, content, categories, tags, and date. Visitors can sort the articles by title or by date published.

In addition to this, the blog post index also has options for filtering blog posts by category and tags as well as a search box. This allows visitors to quickly find the types of blog posts they're looking for or search for a specific blog post.

The blog post index is configured to display 25 blog post entries on each page. However, visitors have the option to use the Show XX entries option to display more or less blog post entries per page. Visitors can also use the pagination options below the blog post index to jump to a specific page.

Another Title

Alan Zucker, the founder of Project Management Essentials, was happy with how easy it was to set up Posts Table Pro to create a blog post index for his website. He followed our step-by-step tutorial to quickly set up the blog search page on his website.

Project Management Essentials blog search

Great Tool for Organizing Blog Posts
It took me a long-time to find Post Table Pro, but I am thrilled now that I have found it. My website has over 70 articles that I have written on project management and leadership. I have been searching for a good tool that would allow visitors to quickly find articles that meets their interests. Post Table Pro provides a great interface for people to sort and filter on categories and tags. I am not particularly technical and I was able to quickly install and configure the plugin all by myself.


See Posts Table Pro in action on the Project Management Essentials blog.

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