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Raise Jobs Case Study

Raise Jobs is a Canadian-based recruitment and project-staffing firm. They specialize in IT and engineering recruitment.

They needed a job board WordPress plugin which could list jobs in a required layout and handle custom post types. The plugin also needed to work with a plugin called Matador. Matador pulls jobs from the applicant tracking system, and the job ads are then displayed as custom post types. That's why Raise Jobs chose our Posts Table Pro plugin.

Posts Table Pro is ideal for the job list. With the plugin, jobs can be divided into categories and industries, then filtered to requirements by the jobseeker. With the filter dropdown, jobseekers can quickly sort through and find jobs in their industry. And when users click on an industry in the table, it filters the job list by that industry.

The plugin has also been used to create lists of jobs from specific industries, separating those jobs from the central list of all jobs. An example of this is the Automotive jobs page - the job board on this page only displays jobs in the automotive sector.

Raise Jobs Case Study


See the Posts Table Pro plugin in action on the Raise Jobs WordPress job board.

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