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Create a private members directory

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Private WordPress member directory plugin

International Thriller Writers, also known as ITW, is run by Christopher Graham. ITW is an organisation that represents authors from across the world, but also acts as a community for thriller writers.

Christopher's site has a private members directory of thriller, mystery and crime fiction authors. To help authors search for other members with particular skills or knowledge, ITW needed a plugin that could create a searchable database of members. With all of that in mind, Christopher chose to use our Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin.

Each member has a personal profile that lists their areas of interest and expertise. The profiles are all listed in a table which can be sorted by the tags used, clicking on the column, or with a simple keyword search.

So now when a member of ITW seeks expert advice, they can easily search for a suitably skilled writer. With more than 4,500 members, there's a mass of knowledge just waiting to be found. Once they've found a person with the right skills, they can get in contact with them to ask questions or chat.

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Private WordPress member directory plugin


See the Posts Table Pro plugin in action on the International Thriller Writers private member directory WordPress website.

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