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Create an index of resources for leaders.

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De Pree LFL

The Max De Pree Center for Leadership aims to equip leaders to respond faithfully to God’s callings using a variety of resources including books, podcasts, video series, journal articles, and more. They’ve used the Posts Table Pro plugin to create an index of resources for site visitors.

How our plugin solved their problem

De Pree Center were looking for a way to create an index of resources for leaders on their website in a user-friendly way. This involved creating and displaying an index of their entire collection of 2,800+ posts with information about each post. An index was necessary to help people find the information they’re looking for and keep it evergreen.

They used the Posts Table Pro plugin to create an index of all posts and displayed it on the Life for Leaders Index page. To do this, they followed our step-by-step tutorial to select the posts they wanted to include in the index and add the posts table to a page on their website.

The posts table features a total of seven columns – to show each post’s publishing date, title, content description, author, book, series, and theme. In addition to this, there are filter dropdowns above the posts table that let users filter by Book, Series, and Theme. Users can also click on the taxonomies in the posts table to filter by that item.

In addition to this, users can search for specific keywords using the search bar above the posts table and sort the columns in ascending or descending order.

When a user visits the Life for Leaders Index page, they can see the complete collection of posts, filter them to narrow down their search, or search for a specific keyword using the search bar. This makes it easy to find the posts they’re looking for. Users can click on the title of the post to visit the post page.

De Pree LFL

This plugin is fantastic!
I found the website through the plugin store on Wordpress' backend. I loved the flexibility of the tables and different options. I purchased the PRO version because of the ability to add custom taxonomies and fields to the table. Our wesite has thousands of posts, and wanted to let people easily explore our backend. You can see an example of our table index here: I also love this website's knowledge base, which made learning how to use the plugin so easy and intuitive.


See Posts Table Pro in action on the De Pree Center website.

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