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WooCommerce Wholesale Pro - Quick start guide

This article provides an overview of how to install and set up the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin, with links to more in-depth instructions about each feature. You can also watch our video tutorial.

Written instructions

  1. Download the plugin from your confirmation email and install it (read more).
  2. The plugin setup wizard will open. Use this to activate your license key and configure your main settings.
  3. After finishing the setup wizard, finish the setup your wholesale store as follows (read more):
    • Roles tab - If you want to charge different prices to different wholesale users, then create additional wholesale user roles. Add a global percentage discount for each role (read more).
    • Emails tab - The plugin comes with helpfully worded emails to your wholesale users, and you can edit these if required (read more).
  4. Set your wholesale pricing - You can set pricing for each wholesale role either as a global percentage discount, category percentage discount, or you can price each product individually (read more).
  5. Add wholesale users - If required, you can add wholesale users to your store manually, import them, or migrate them from other plugins.
  6. Set your wholesale visibility - You can use the same products in the public and wholesale area, and each user will see the correct pricing and layout for them. Alternatively, you can choose whether each category and its products is visible to public users, wholesale users, or both (read more).
  7. Enable wholesale order forms - If you are using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with the WooCommerce Product Table plugin, then you should also set this up and enable the wholesale order forms (read more).

Video tutorial

In this video, you can watch a quick overview of the plugin and then see it being set up from start to finish. Follow along to set up WooCommerce Wholesale Pro on your own site!

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