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How to disable the main WooCommerce shop page

Lots of people use the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to replace the main WooCommerce shop page. If you're using a product table instead of the standard shop page layout, then you may want to hide the main shop page completely so that your customers can no longer access it.

There are two ways to disable the WooCommerce shop page. This depends on whether you want to add product tables directly to the shop page, or replace the shop page with another page containing a product table.

Note: We've discovered that a lot of people are reading this article because they want to hide the WooCommerce shop page from public view. For that, we've written a separate in-depth guide on temporarily hiding the WooCommerce store with the help of our WooCommerce Private Store plugin. We also have a separate article on how to build a high-converting custom WooCommerce shop page.

How to add product tables to the WooCommerce shop page

You can replace the default WooCommerce shop page layout by enabling the 'Show a product table on the main shop page' option on the plugin settings page.

How to hide, disable or remove the WooCommerce shop page

If you'd rather stop people from accessing the default shop page and use another page containing a product table instead, then you can do this.

Don't delete the main shop page - this needs to exist and be selected in the WooCommerce settings, because it powers other WooCommerce pages such as the cart and checkout.

Instead, use the free Redirection plugin (or similar) to automatically direct people from the main shop page to your product table page. This will prevent anyone from accessing it, effectively disabling the WooCommerce Shop page.

If you empty your cart, then a 'Back to shop' button appears on the WooCommerce cart page linking to the shop page. If you use the Redirection plugin to forward people from the shop page to your product table page, then they will not be able to access the shop page. This means that there's no need to change the 'Back to shop' link. (You can change the link programmatically if you still want to.)

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