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Product description length

The description_length option sets the length of the description column, if used in your WooCommerce product table. It tells the plugin how many words to display in the description field - any extra words will be truncated.

How to set the product description length

You can either set the description length globally on the plugin settings page, or directly in the shortcode for individual tables.

Enter the number of words you wish to display in the product description - the default is 15 words. Set this to -1 to show the whole product description.


[product_table columns="name,description" description_length="20"]
[product_table columns="name,description" description_length="-1"]

The description length option isn't working

If you have set a description length and the full description is showing, then this is because you have set shortcodes to true in your product table. If you're using the shortcodes option then the description length option is ignored in order to display the shortcodes correctly.

Can I change the short description length?

It's not possible to control the short description length because the purpose of the short description in WooCommerce is to store a small amount of content, so most people wouldn't want to truncate this. In contrast, the main product description is often very long and it's very common for people to want to display the first few words of the long description (see instructions above).

If you need more control over the short description field then we recommend that you create a custom field instead, and use it to store the actual amount of text that you want to display in the table. You can then display the custom field as a column in the table instead.

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