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The wholesale registration form doesn't appear!

If you're using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and the wholesale registration form doesn't appear next to the wholesale login form, then please check the following:

Have you enabled the wholesale registration form?

Please make sure that you have enabled wholesale registration on the plugin settings page.

Do you need to change the 'Account Page' setting in your theme?

The wholesale login/registration page uses the same template as the login/registration forms that WooCommerce itself display when logged out users visit the Account page. The wholesale registration form is only designed to work with the default layout, so you should ensure that you are using this.

Some themes provide a choice of layouts for the Account page which may not be compatible with the wholesale login and registration form.


The Ocean WP the has an alternate Account page layout which doesn't work with the wholesale registration form. To fix the problem in this theme, you should go to Customizer → WooCommerce >→ General and then select 'Side by Side' as the My Account page layout. Once you do this, the wholesale registration page will appear correctly. 

OceanWP account page

If you find any other themes with similar issues, please let us know so that we can add this information to help other WooCommerce Wholesale Pro users.

Create a standalone wholesale registration page

We are currently working on a new version of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro which will include a shortcode to insert a registration form anywhere on your site. This will be added to the plugin in August 2020.

Instead of having wholesale users register on the Wholesale Login page, you can create a standalone wholesale registration page. This will avoid the above problems.

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