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The wholesale login form keeps refreshing when you try to login

If customers report that the wholesale registration or login page sometimes refresh after you enter your details, instead of taking them to the wholesale area, then this is probably an issue with your caching plugin (e.g. WP Rocket) or the caching provided by your web host. This is very rare, but we have had customers report that this issue can be caused by the varnish cache.

Most caching systems automatically exclude the WordPress login cookie from the cache. Our plugin uses the same cookie, so the wholesale login page should not be cached. However, if your caching provider hasn't excluded the cookie, then you may get this problem.

To fix the problem, you need to ask your caching provider to ensure that your wholesale registration, login, and wholesale area pages are not cached. This ensures that they are loaded fresh for each user, so that logged in wholesale users can see the wholesale area rather than a cached version of the login form.

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