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The wholesale login page refreshes after I try to login or register

If the wholesale login page in WooCommerce Wholesale Pro refreshes after you try to login or register, without showing an error message, then this normally means that the page is being cached.

There are several places where the page might be cached:

  • You might have a caching plugin (e.g. WP Rocket) installed on your site.
  • Your hosting company might have their own caching in place, so you would need to ask them to exclude the page from the cache. (This can happen with any host and is particularly likely for managed WordPress hosts such as WP Engine, Pagely or Kinsta.)
  • You might be using an additional service such as Cloudflare, which adds an extra layer of caching.

It is important that the wholesale login page is not cached because it needs to display different content depending on whether each user is logged in. To fix the problem, you therefore need to exclude the wholesale login page from all types of caching on your website.

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