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How to add a measurement price calculator to your product tables

Lots of WooCommerce Product Table users sell products based on their measurements, such as size or weight. This means that customers need a way to enter the measurements and have the price calculated based on a price formula. You can achieve this by using WooCommerce Product Table with our other plugin, WooCommerce Product Options.

The Product Options plugin provides everything you need to create a WooCommerce measurement price calculator. You add fields such as width, length or volume so that customers can enter the required measurements. You also add a hidden price formula which calculates the correct price.

When you use the two plugins together, the measurement price calculator fields appear directly in the Buy column of the product table. That way, customers can enter their measurements directly in the one page order form, without needing to visit the single product page.

WooCommerce measurement price calculator order form
A product table containing a Made to Measure Curtains product, which has a measurement price calculator

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