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How to create product tables with dynamic pricing and discounts

WooCommerce Product Table is designed to work alongside our WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin in order to add dynamic pricing and discounts to your product tables. You can use the Discount Manager plugin to create a wide range of discounts and special offers, which then appear in your product tables.

This article explains how the plugins work together in more detail.

WooCommerce Discount Manager Product Table

How are discounted prices displayed in the product table?

Discounted prices are displayed in the product table for simple discounts. The main product price in the 'Price' column of the table appears crossed out, with the discounted price appearing alongside. This is identical to how WooCommerce displays sale prices.

The price column of the product table does not change when other discount types are in place. This is because all the other discount types are calculated in the cart based on certain conditions, so it's not possible to show them earlier in the buying journey. Instead, we recommend following the instructions below to add a 'Discount' column to the table containing details of the available discounts.

How to add a 'Discount' column to the product table

Each discount allows you to add some Product page content, which is displayed in your chosen location on the single product page.

You can display this same content in the product table by adding a discount_content column to the table. This is an excellent way for customers to see the available discounts before accessing the product page. The column will be called 'Discount' by default and you can rename it to anything you like.

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