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How to create wholesale discounts with bulk pricing

Our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro and WooCommerce Discount Manager plugins are designed to be used together in order to create a wholesale store with quantity-based bulk discounts:

  • WooCommerce Wholesale Pro provides the overall functionality for your wholesale store including registration and login, wholesale user roles, role-based discounts, tax, payment and shipping settings.
  • WooCommerce Discount Manager provides the ability to create additional types of discounts, either for wholesale users or any other group of users.

An example

For example, if you wanted to give a 30% discount to all wholesale users, increasing this to 50% if they order quantities or more than 10 products, then you could set it up like this:

  • Use WooCommerce Wholesale Pro to create the wholesale user role and set a 30% role-based discount.
  • Use WooCommerce Discount Manager to create a 'Bulk pricing' discount which will increase the discount to 50% when customers with the wholesale role order quantities of 10+.

How do the discounts in the two plugins work together?

The role-based discounts in WooCommerce Wholesale Pro are applied first, and then any discount from WooCommerce Discount Manager discount is applied on top of this.

For example, if we have a product of $20 with a wholesale discount of 10% and a WooCommerce Discount Manager simple fixed discount of $5 then the calculation is as follows:

  1. Subtract the percentage discount from the original price.
  2. Subtract the fixed amount discount.

This works out as follows:

  1. Apply the 10% off discount to $20 = $18
  2. Apply the $5 off discount to $18 = $13

The same logic applies with more complex discount types, such as bulk pricing. For example, if a wholesale user has a 10% wholesale discount and a 50% bulk pricing discount then the 10% discount will be deducted first, and then the 50% if they order the required quantity.

How are prices displayed in the front end?

When you use WooCommerce Wholesale Pro for role-based discounts and WooCommerce Discount Manager for additional discounts, prices are displayed on the front end as follows:

  • If a Simple Discount is set in WooCommerce Discount Manager which applies to a wholesale role, then the original product price will appear crossed out, and the price that the wholesale user will actually pay will be displayed alongside - i.e. the final price after deducting the wholesale discount and then deducting the simple discount from this. For example, if a product costs $10 and there is 10% wholesale discount and 50% simple discount then the $10 will be crossed out and the new price of $4.50 displayed alongside.
  • All other discount types in WooCommerce Discount Manager are applied later in the buying journey, and therefore do not appear directly on the product page. In this case, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro displays the original price crossed out and the role-based price alongside in exactly the same way as it would if WooCommerce Discount Manager was not installed. Any further discounts which are calculated on the cart page (e.g. bulk pricing or free products) will be deducted from the wholesale price in the cart.
  • When setting up the bulk pricing discount in WooCommerce Discount Manager, you can choose to display a tiered pricing table on the product page:
WooCommerce tiered pricing table

Can I create unique pricing for each wholesale user?

Yes, you can do this in WooCommerce Discount Manager. When you create the discount, simply select which specific user account(s) the discount will apply to.

If a wholesale user has a user-specific discount set up, then this will be used and the role-based discount will be ignored. This ensures that the discounts do not double up.

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