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How to manage returns with multi-buy deals

If you've used WooCommerce Discount Manager to create a multi-buy deals such as "Buy 2 and get the cheapest free", then it's important to handle returns correctly.

An example

  • A customer buys 3 t-shirts valued at $10, $15 and $20 in a "Buy 2 and get the cheapest free" deal and pays $35 (because the $10 t-shirt is free).
  • If they later return the $10 t-shirt then they should receive no refund because that was the free product.
  • If they return the $15 t-shirt then they effectively bought two products at $10 and $20 and are no longer entitled to the deal. As a result, they should have paid $30 for the two items, but they have actually paid $35. This means that they are entitled to a refund of $5.

How to process the refund

WooCommerce Discount Manager will not calculate refunds on products containing multiple orders automatically. As the store owner, when you process a refund, you need to be aware that the customer applied a discount to their order so that you can consider how much of the total price to refund.

To help you with this, WooCommerce Discount Manager displays the name of the discount that the customer used when you view an order in the WordPress admin, along with the discount amount. Use the official WooCommerce documentation to learn how to process refunds from this page in the usual way, including modifying the refund amount.

Discount on admin order page

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