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Which themes and plugins are compatible with WooCommerce Fast Cart?

WooCommerce Fast Cart is designed to work with most themes, and many different plugins. We have coded it in a standard way that follows the latest WordPress best practices. This makes it likely to work with a wide range of third party themes and plugins.

Compatible themes

WooCommerce Fast Cart is designed to work with any WordPress theme and inherits the styling from your theme.

In particular, we have tested with and guarantee compatibility with this list of popular themes. If you haven't chosen a theme yet then we recommend using one of these, although WooCommerce Fast Cart should also work with the vast majority of other themes.

The only theme we are aware of which is not compatible with WooCommerce Fast Cart is Revolution Theme. This has its own built-in side cart which can't be disabled, and is also coded in a non-standard way which is not compatible with WooCommerce Fast Cart.

Compatible plugins

While we don't guarantee compatibility with any third party plugins other than WooCommerce itself and the official integrations listed below, we have tested WooCommerce Fast Cart with various plugins and found that they work well together. Many of our customers tell us which plugins they are successfully using the fast cart with, so we have included these in the list too.

Plugin Compatibility Type
General E-Commerce Plugins
WooCommerce Product Table - Add quick product order forms to your store Official Integration
WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering - Sell food online with UberEats-style restaurant order forms Official Integration
WooCommerce Quick View Pro - Add 'Quick View' buttons to your store, which also appear in the related products in the fast cart popup Official Integration
WooCommerce Discount Manager - add a wide range of deals and pricing discounts to your store Official Integration
WooCommerce Wholesale Pro - Add a private wholesale area to your store Official Integration
WooCommerce Bulk Variations - Replace the default variation dropdowns with bulk variation grids Official Integration
WooCommerce Lead Time - Add a waiting time or handline time to each product Official Integration
WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing - Add a wide range of discounts and deals, which appear correctly in the popup cart and checkout Tested
Checkout Plugins
Checkout Field Editor - Customize the fields which appear in the popup checkout Official Integration
Flux Checkout - Add multi-step checkout to the popup checkout Tested
Please also see our article about payment gateways that we have tested with
Product Options Plugins
WooCommerce Product Options - Add extra options and add-ons to your products, which show up correctly in the popup cart Official Integration
Product Add-Ons- Add extra options and add-ons to your products, which show up correctly in the popup cart Tested
WooCommerce Subscriptions - Sell subscription products and have the subscription information appear in the popup cart Tested
Product Visibility Plugins
WooCommerce Protected Categories - Control who can see the different products in your store Official Integration
WooCommerce Private Store - Lock your entire store so that only authorized users can access it Official Integration
Catalog Visibility Options - official woocommerce.com extension, useful for hiding prices from logged out users or specific roles Tested
Multilingual Plugins - Create a multilingual site, including translating the fast cart and checkout
WPML Tested
WeGlot Tested
TranslatePress Tested

What about plugins not on this list?

There are many thousands of WordPress plugins, and we can't possibly include all the compatible ones in this list. Don't worry if you are using plugins not listed above.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can try the plugin risk-free and get a full refund if it doesn't work with something else on your site. And if you install WooCommerce Fast Cart and discover new integrations that aren't listed here, please let us know as we're constantly adding to this list!

What if I discover a problem?

For each plugin listed above, we have indicated whether it's an official integration or whether we have simply tested with that plugin. For official integrations, Barn2 take responsibility for compatibility. For tested plugins, if you find any compatibility issues then you would need to ask a developer to fix the problem for you because they are not officially supported. Please also let us know so that we can update the information.

We've partnered with Codeable to provide our customers with expert help if required.

Unrelated plugins

There are many plugins which you can use alongside WooCommerce Fast Cart, but aren't directly related to it. For example, this includes any page builder plugin (e.g. Divi Builder, Elementor or Visual Composer), your SEO plugins (e.g. WordPress SEO, Google Analytics, and Yoast SEO), performance-enhancing plugins (e.g. caching) and security plugins (e.g. iThemesSecurity and Wordfence).

We haven't listed these plugins because they don't directly affect the fast cart. However, the vast majority of unrelated plugins will work correctly with WooCommerce Fast Cart. Please send us a support request if you are unsure, or get the plugin and use our 30-day money back guarantee if needed.

Help us improve this list!

We're always looking for more plugins that work well with WooCommerce Fast Cart. If you're successfully using it with any other plugins that might be of interest to other people, please let us know. We might even be able to showcase your website as a case study!

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