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Which payment gateways work in the popup checkout?

The checkout in the Fast Cart plugin is identical to the main WooCommerce checkout page. All information shown to the user including shipping and billing information, payment selection, and other fields, will the same as those you would normally see.

WooCommerce Fast Cart is compatible with most payment gateways which are configured in your WooCommerce store. However, as there are a wide range of payment gateways and plugins available, there may be some that are not fully compatible.

Compatible payment gateways

WooCommerce Fast Cart has been tested with the following payment gateways and we can confirm that they work correctly (see notes where applicable).

1. PayPal and Amazon payments work correctly in the checkout part of the Fast Cart, but unfortunately not in the cart section. This is because the Javascript files required for these gateways are blocked in the Fast Cart because they are intended to load only on the actual WooCommerce cart page, not in other locations.

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