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How does Fast Cart work with conversion tracking and analytics?

In general, WooCommerce Fast Cart will work with the same conversion and events tracking that you can use with the standard WooCommerce cart and checkout. This includes Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking.

Once you have integrated purchase tracking with WooCommerce, it should work with the popup fast cart automatically.

There is nothing in WooCommerce Fast Cart to prevent tracking scripts from working. For example, if you have set up an analytics event to track when the cart page options, then this event will still fire whether the customer is using Fast Cart or the standard card page.

Most analytics and conversion tracking plugins watch for common e-commerce buttons such as 'Add to Cart', 'Cart', and 'Checkout'. When the user clicks these buttons, then events are sent to the appropriate trackers. However, every plugin works differently so we recommend testing that events are being tracked correctly in case they are coded in a non-standard way that isn't triggered within the Fast Cart. 

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