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How does WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering handle inventory and stock?

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering works with all the inventory and stock settings that are built into WooCommerce itself.

You can manage these under WooCommerce → Settings → Inventory. You can mark specific food products or variations as 'Out of Stock' on the Edit Product screen. If you have enabled stock management then you can also enter the exact quantity of each product in stock so that the status changes automatically when you run out of a particular dish.

Your restaurant order forms will automatically inherit the overall stock settings of your store. For example:

  • If you have set up WooCommerce to hide out of stock products then these will be hidden from your website.
  • If a customer tries to order more items than you have in stock, then an error will appear preventing them from adding the extra quantity to their cart.

If you like, then you can display the stock status of each product in the lightbox. Simply enable this option on the plugin settings page.

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