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Can I change the way prices are displayed for variable food products?

If your food products have variations with different prices, then the WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin displays the lowest variation price with a + after. Here's an example:

Variable food product

This looks neat in the food order form because it doesn't take up much space, and helps to reassure customers about the price.

If you would like to change the way that variation prices are displayed, then you can do this by using Restaurant Ordering with our other plugin - WooCommerce Variation Prices. This gives you complete control over the price format. For example, you can...

Display the low and high variation prices as a range:

Variable food product price range

List the price of each individual variation (only recommended if all none of your products have a large number of variations):

Variable food product list all variation prices

And even create your own custom variation price formats!

To use the two plugins together, simply install them both and use the WooCommerce Variation Prices settings page to choose your variation price format. This will automatically appear in the food order form.

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