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How does the restaurant opening hours feature work?

When you use the WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin, you can choose to set opening hours which affect when people can order food products from you.

What happens when the restaurant is closed?

When the restaurant is closed, people cannot buy products using the food order form. They can still view products as usual, but the buy buttons will not appear.

What if the restaurant closes before a customer finishes placing an order?

Customers cannot complete orders after the restaurant has closed. This is important because otherwise, customers could leave the cart page open and check out long after the closing time, which would cause problems for the restaurant.

If a customer is already part-way through making their order when the restaurant closes, then a message will appear on the checkout informing them that the restaurant is now closed. To avoid disappointment, we recommend adding clear information about the opening hours above the food order form so that customers know if the restaurant is about to close.

Can customers order my non-food products when the restaurant is closed?

Yes. Purchasing is only disabled when the customer tries to add products to the cart using the food order form.

For example, if you are using WooCommerce for other purposes on other parts of your site (e.g. to sell merchandise) and are using the standard store layout or the single product page, then people can still buy these products when the food section of your website is closed.

How can I set the time zone?

The restaurant opening hours feature uses the time zone which is set in WordPress itself in in Settings → General.

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