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WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering Plugin Settings Page

The WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin settings page (WooCommerce → Settings → Restaurant) lets you set the default options for all your restaurant order forms. You can override these for each individual order form - for example, if you wish to show different information about the foods from each category.

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering Plugin settings

License key

Enter your license key here. This is essential for the plugin to work.

Restaurant order page

Select which page you wish to use as your main restaurant ordering page (if required).

When you install the plugin, it automatically creates a page called 'Restaurant Ordering' and selects it here. You can select a different page if required.

The plugin will add the shortcode [restaurant_ordering] to whichever page is selected here. It lists the foods from all your categories using the default settings. You can customize these settings below.


By default, this will list all your product categories from Products → Categories. Add and remove categories to control which categories are included in the order form.

Use drag and drop to change the order in which your categories are listed.

Order form display

Select which information you wish to display in your food order forms:

  • Show category titles - Displays the category name (added under Products → Categories) as a H2 heading above the list of foods from that category, e.g. 'Starters'.
  • Show category descriptions - Displays the category description (added under Products → Categories) above the list of foods from that category. This option is ignored for any categories that don't have a description.
  • Show product images - Displays the main product image for each food. This always appears as a square thumbnail, so we recommend uploading images that are suitable for this format.
  • Show product descriptions - Displays a description for each product. It uses either the short description according to the following rules:
    • If the product has a short description then this will be shown (even if the product also has a main description).
    • If the product has a main description but no short description, then the main description will be shown.
    • Tip: You can display the main description in the lightbox. If you want to show different information about each product in the order form and lightbox, then you should use the order form for the information that you want to display in the order form; and use the main description for the lightbox. 
  • Show buy button - Displays a "+" button allowing customers to either add the product straight to their cart, or to open a lightbox popup. The behavior of the button is controlled by the Order Method setting. If you disable the buy button, then customers can click on each food product to open a lightbox, where they can choose options and add to the cart.

Number of columns

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering can list your foods in a 1-column, 2-column or 2-column tiled layout. Select the number of columns here.

The number of columns only affects the main content area of your restaurant ordering pages. You can also add a sidebar to the page, if required (for example, containing a cart widget).

Image position

If you are showing product images in the order form, choose whether to position them to the left or right of each food product.

Product description

Choose between two options:

  • Limit the description length (the default) - The length of the product description in the food order form will be truncated to use the number of words that works best on different screen sizes.
  • Show full description - The full product description will appear in the food order form, and will not be shortened.

Note: This option does not affect product descriptions in the lightbox, which will always show in full.

Order method

This option controls what happens when a customer clicks on the "+" buy button in the restaurant order form. There are 2 options:

  • Quick - For simple products, the product is added straight to the cart. (Variable products and products with add-ons will always open a lightbox so that the customer can choose the options.)
  • Lightbox - A lightbox will open for all product types. The customer can use the lightbox to view more information about the product, choose options and quantities, and add to the cart.

Choose what information you wish to display in the lightbox popup for each food product:

  • Show product image - Displays the main product image for each food.
  • Show product description - Displays the long product description. (Note: This is different from the product short description which can appear on the food order form. This allows you to display different information in the order form and lightbox if required, for example if you wish to add a short description to the food order form; and nutritional information in the lightbox.)

Creating food order forms

Once you’ve chosen your default settings, it’s time to start creating food order forms.

Create a food order form

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