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Adding food variations and extra options

Most online restaurant order systems allow customers to choose between several options for each product. For example, you might sell a pizza with a choice of sizes or crust options; or you might want to sell extra toppings for an extra cost.

The WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin provides 2 ways to add extra options for your products: variations (built-in) and add-ons (requires extra plugin).

Product variations

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering Plugin - variations

Product variations are built into WooCommerce itself, and are available on all WooCommerce sites.

Variations are always listed as dropdowns in the WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering lightbox. If a product has one attribute that is used for variations (e.g. 'Pizza Size') then there will be one dropdown listing the options. If a product has two attributes that are used for variations (e.g. 'Pizza Size' and 'Crust Type') then there will be two variation dropdowns, so that customers can choose any combination of pizza sizes and crust types.

Setup instructions:

  1. Install WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering.
  2. Use the official documentation to create a variable product with attributes and one or more variations.
  3. When customers click to buy a variable product in the restaurant order form, the variations will be displayed as dropdowns in a lightbox popup. The customer can then choose a variation, view the correct price, choose a quantity, and add the product to the cart.

Product add-ons

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering Plugin - add-ons

We have designed WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering to work with our Product Options plugin. This lets you add a wide range of extra options for your food products, including checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, and more.

Tip: The most cost-effective way to get WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering and Product Options is to buy the two-plugin bundle. This gives you 50% off Product Options when you buy both plugins together.

Setup instructions:

  1. Install WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering and WooCommerce Product Options.
  2. Add your foods as simple or variable products.
  3. Go to Products → Product Add-Ons and create as many product options as you like, structured into groups. You can choose which products or categories each group of add-ons will appear on.
  4. When customers click to buy a product that has add-ons, the options will be displayed in a lightbox popup. The customer can then choose their add-ons, view the updated price, choose a quantity, and add the product to the cart.

Note: WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering is not designed to work with non-Barn2 add-ons plugins such as TM Extra Product Options.

Can I show variations and add-ons in the main food order form?

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering displays product options in a lightbox. It's not possible to show the options directly on the main food ordering page because this would affect the layout.

If you want to do this, then you could use our other plugin - WooCommerce Product Table. With WooCommerce Product Table, the product variations and add-ons appear in the 'add to cart' column of the product table, as shown in this screenshot:

WooCommerce pizza restaurant order system with extra toppings

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