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Adding filter widgets to the Wholesale Store page

The filter widgets that come with WooCommerce itself are only designed to be used on shop and category pages. As a result, they won't appear on the Wholesale Store page which is created by the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro comes with its own filter widgets which work identically to the default WooCommerce widgets, and work in the public Shop and the Wholesale Store page. This is how to use them:

  • Go to Appearance → Widgets (or the Widgets editor under Appearance → Customize).
  • Click the + icon to add a new widget.
  • Search for 'Wholesale' and you will see all the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro widgets, which are prefaced by 'Wholesale Store'. For example: 'Wholesale Store: Filter Products by Attribute'.
  • Add all the required widgets and Save.

Tip: The widgets you have just added will also appear in the public store. To avoid duplicate widgets in the public areas, make sure you delete any default filter widgets that you previously added. 

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