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Can I use WooCommerce Protected Categories with a membership plugin?

Password protected categories

The password protection option in WooCommerce Protected Categories is designed to be a standalone solution. It works by creating a global password which users can enter to view your protected product categories; or allowing you to restrict categories so that only specific logged in users or user roles can access them.

We do not recommend using WooCommerce password protected categories with a membership plugin. This is because with a membership plugin, each user has a unique login and is shown different content depending on their membership level. This is completely separate from the password protection provided by our plugin, so users would have to login twice.

User and role protected categories

While we haven't tested with different membership plugins, in theory you should be able to use the user and role protection options in WooCommerce Protected Categories with a membership plugin. You would need to choose a membership plugin that restricts content based on WordPress user accounts or user roles, instead of creating its own types of grouping.

For example, if a membership plugin creates actual WordPress user roles, then you can use our plugin to restrict WooCommerce categories to the same roles. Whereas if the membership plugin creates a different type of 'Group' that is not a WordPress user role, then it will be difficult to use the two plugins together.

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