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I can't add more users to my category

For performance reasons, WooCommerce Protected Categories only lets you add up to 100 users to a category. If you want to give more than 100 users access to a category then we recommend using role protection instead.

How to use role protection for large numbers of users

  1. Use the free User Role Editor plugin to create a new user role, which you will use for the people who need access to the category. Alternatively, if you are using our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin with WooCommerce Protected Categories, then you can do this without installing any extra plugins - just go to WooCommerce → Settings → Wholesale → Roles and create the role there.
  2. Use the bulk editing feature on the 'Users' page in the WordPress admin to change the role of the users who need access to the category.
  3. Next, edit the category and select the new role in the 'Role' protection option.

Note for WooCommerce Protected Categories version 2.6.0 and earlier

The limitation of 100 users was added to version 2.6.1 of WooCommerce Protected Categories.

If you are using an earlier version then you might already have added larger numbers of users. If this is working ok for you then it's fine to continue with this. However, if you start experiencing slow load times or other problems with the 'Edit Category' page then we recommend removing these users and switching to role protection (as described above).

We are happy to provide you with a script and instructions which will automatically remove all the users from the affected categories, so that you don't have remove each one manually. Please send us a support request if you would like this.

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