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Public products are appearing in my protected categories' sidebar!

By default, your protected categories will show the same sidebar widgets as the rest of your site. For example, if you have a public WooCommerce store and are using the Categories and Products widgets, then the public products will show in these widgets in your protected categories.

It is possible to hide the public widgets from the protected areas of your site, and to create dedicated widgets to appear on these categories instead. You can do this by using a plugin such as Widget Options. Or, if you're using the Jetpack plugin, then you can activate the Widget Visibility feature within Jetpack.

These options will add a feature to your Appearance → Widgets screen allowing you to show or hide each widget on different parts of your website. You can use this to show different widgets for the public and private areas of your site. For example:

  • You can hide the Categories widget on each protected category.
  • If you have a public WooCommerce store and a private wholesale store, then you can create a custom menu (in Appearance → Menus) listing all the categories in your wholesale area, and just show it on the wholesale category pages.

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