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Adding a button column to the posts table

The Posts Table Pro plugin comes with a 'button' column linking to the single post page. You can also link it to other locations or a file download (see instructions below).

How to add a button linking to the single post page

To create a button column, add button to the columns option, either when you create a table, on the plugin settings page, or directly in the shortcode. For example:

[posts_table columns="title,content,button"]

This will automatically add a button for each post, linking to the single post page.

How to change the button text

The text for the button defaults to "View". You can change the text for the button on the Edit table page, on the plugin settings page, or directly in the shortcode by using the button_text option. For example:

[posts_table columns="title,content,button" button_text="Download"]

If you don't want people to be able to access the single post page - for example because you are listing downloadable documents in the table - then you can use the free Page Links To plugin to override these links.

This allows you to add a URL which the user will be taken to when they click on a link to the post (including the buttons in Posts Table Pro). For example, if you have uploaded a document to your WordPress Media Library then you can add its URL to the post using Page Links To. When someone clicks on the post title or the button in the table, then they will download the file instead of accessing the single post page.

Can I add other types of button?

It's also possible to add other types of link or button to the product table. For example, you might want to add icons linking to downloadable files, or a button linking to an enquiry form.

You can achieve this by adding the buttons within a custom field and displaying it in the table. Please see our article about how to do this.

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