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How to add nutritional information and allergen labels to your foods

When you sell foods online with WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering, you might want to display nutritional information, allergen labels and other data for the foods on your menu. In fact, this might even be a legal requirement in your country.

The plugin supports 2 types of text field which you can use to display this information:

  • Product short descriptionThis appears on the main food order form. To keep the food order form neat and tidy, this is a plain text field and doesn't support line breaks or other formatting. This is perfect for displaying nutritional information. (Tip for developers: theĀ wc_restaurant_ordering_strip_tags_from_description andĀ wc_restaurant_ordering_allow_shortcodes_in_description filters allow you to display shortcodes and formatting in the short description.)
    WooCommerce restaurant nutritional info
  • Product main descriptionThis appears in the lightbox popup which appears when someone clicks on a food. Unlike the short description, the long product description supports formatting. As a result, this is generally the best place to display longer lists of ingredients, allergens, etc. You can add formatted text, lists, line breaks, or upload images or icons.

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