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How many sites can I use the plugin on?

When you buy one of our plugins, you can choose between 3 plans (annual or lifetime):

  • 1 site
  • Up to 5 sites
  • Up to 20 sites

This article will help you to decide how many sites your license needs to cover.

Local installations do NOT count towards your activation limit

Yes. In addition to the number of live websites included in your plan, you can use your license key on an unlimited number of local WordPress installs.

To use your license key locally, simply enter it into the plugin settings page and click Save. This will not count towards your activation limit.

Whether or not a site is 'local' depends on its URL, and not whether it has access to the internet. If the URL is 'local' then it won't count towards your license activations. A local URL will have one of the following:

  • A host such as 'localhost' or ''
  • A TLD of '.dev' or '.local'
  • Is a sub-domain of the form 'dev.something' or 'staging.something'

What about multisite?

If you have a WordPress multisite then each site counts as a separate 'site'. For example, if your multisite consists of 4 sites then you will need the license which covers up to 5 sites.

What if I have a development site?

If you need to use our plugin on a live website and a separate staging site which is on a different domain, then you will need the license which covers up to 5 sites.

If you want to develop your website on a staging site and will stop using this once your website goes live, then you only need a single site license. When your website goes live, you can deactivate the license key on the staging site and activate it on your live domain - please see the instructions on moving your license key from one site to another.

Can I test the plugin on 1 site, and then upgrade my license key later?

Yes, you can update your license key later and just pay the difference. Please see our article on upgrading your license key.

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