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How do I upgrade my license?

Our plugins come with a choice of licence options:

  • Type of license:
    • Starter - Designed for newer or non profit making sites, and can only be used on one site.
    • Business and Agency - Our professional-level licenses allow you to use the plugin on more sites, and also come with various extras including priority support, free site audits, and (depending on the plugin) extra bundled plugins.
  • Licence period:
    • Annual subscription - Pay once a year for continued access to plugin updates, new features, and support. (Tip: Upgrade an existing annual subscription to lifetime and never have to renew your license key again!)
    • Lifetime - Make a single one-off payment for permanent  access to plugin updates, new features, and support. (Tip: Upgrade an existing annual subscription to lifetime and never have to renew your license key again!)
  • Plugin bundles and All Access Pass: You can upgrade to a plugin bundle or the All Access Pass and get access to multiple plugins for one low price.

You can upgrade your license key at any time. You will pay a reduced price for the extra license to cover the rest of the year - this is the difference between what you paid originally and the cost of the new license, pro-rated.

I want to use my license key on additional sites

If you've bought the plugin and would like to use it on more sites, the best option is to upgrade your license key. For example, if you have the Starter license and want to use the plugin an additional site, you can upgrade to the Business License.

The license options cover the following number of sites:

  • Starter License - 1 site
  • Business License - 2-5 sites
  • Agency License - 6-20 sites
  • Contact us for a quote if you need more than 10 sites

Please note that each domain or sub-domain counts as a 'site'. If you have a WordPress multisite, you will need a separate site license for each sub-domain. If you're working locally then you can use a single site license on as many local sites as you need.

Upgrading to a plugin bundle

If you need more than one of Barn2's plugins, then you can save a huge amount of money by upgrading your existing license key to a Barn2 bundle. This could either be a 2-plugin bundle or an All Access Pass.

2-plugin bundles

Each Barn2 plugin is available individually or as part of a 2-plugin bundle, where it has been matched with a complementary plugin. For example, you can buy WooCommerce Product Table alone or as a bundle with WooCommerce Quick View Pro, which adds quick view buttons to your product tables.

If you buy a standalone plugin then you can upgrade your license to the 2-plugin bundle at any time in the future. Simply follow the instructions below.

All Access Pass

The All Access Pass bundle is the most cost-effective way to use our plugins. You save thousands of dollars compared to buying each plugin individually.

You can either buy an All Access Pass as a new purchase or upgrade an existing license key for any plugin. To upgrade, follow the instructions below.

How to upgrade your plugin license key

  1. Log into your account using the email address you used to buy the plugin. Use the lost password link if you don't know your password.
  2. On the 'Order History' page, click the 'View Licenses' link in the right hand column next to the licence key you wish to upgrade.
  3. Click 'View Upgrades' on the next page.
  4. This will show you the upgrade options. You can add the extra licenses to your cart and upgrade from there.
  5. Once you have finished upgrading, your changes will be effective immediately. For example:
    • If you have increased the number of sites on your license, then you can activate your license key on additional sites.
    • If you have upgraded to a 2-plugin bundle then you will receive an email containing the new bundled plugin, and it will also be available to download from your Account page.
    • If you have upgraded to an All Access Pass then you can download our full suite of plugins from your Account page.

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