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What plugin support is available?

All Barn2 plugins come from support from our team of WordPress experts.

The Barn2 support team

Our support team currently costs of 7 full-time support engineers, all of whom are fully trained and experienced in working with WordPress and our plugins.

The support team works across 3 tiers of technical expertise, including 'Tier 3' which provides developer-level support to help with the most complex and technical issues. They work closely with our plugin development team to make constant improvements to our plugins as well as supporting you with individual issues.

Working hours

Members of our support team are available from 8am-10pm UTC Monday to Friday. We offer a reduced service during weekends, focussing on urgent requests only.

Types of support

The majority of our plugin support is provided by email, so that you can respond to our communications within your own timescale.

We also offer live chat support, which is available using the chat icon which appears at the bottom of our website when support team members are online and available. Please note that live chat may not be available during busy times. This is because we can work more efficiently and help a larger number of customers via email. As a result, we only offer live chat when there is capacity to do so without affecting other customers.

Standard support

When you buy a single site license for one of our plugins, then you receive our standard level of support. While this does not come with guaranteed response times, we aim to respond to every support ticket promptly. We have a priority system in place in which we prioritize tickets based on factors such as how critical the issue is for the customer.

Priority support

When you buy the 20-site license for any Barn2 plugin, or the Barn2 All Access Pass, then you will receive Priority Support.

This means that we will prioritize your support request over everything else, and offer the following guaranteed timescales (during our working hours).

Guaranteed response times

  • Response to initial contact - within 4 working hours
  • Response to follow-up contacts - within 24 hours

If you have a Starter license then you will receive our standard support service to help with setting up and using the plugin. We respond to all support requests quickly and ensure that no customer is kept waiting, but priority requests will always be dealt with first. To guarantee faster support, you can upgrade your license key.

Free plugin audits and advice

20-site license and All Access Pass holders also receive free plugin audits and advice, plus a free bonus plugin - so there are lots of excellent reasons to buy our top tier licenses!

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