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How does the All Access Pass work?

As well as being available individually, all of Barn2's plugins can be purchased alongside other plugins as part of an All Access Pass. If you want to use multiple plugins, then this is the most cost-effective option for you.

There are two ways to get the Barn2 All Access Pass:

  1. As a new purchase.
  2. Alternatively, if you already use a Barn2 plugin, then you can upgrade your existing license key.

How to download the plugins

You can download the plugins from the 'Your Plugins' page in your account area. If you are logged into your account, then you will also see a 'Download' button at the top of the sales page for each individual plugin.

Using your All Access license key

All Access Pass holders receive a single license key, which will work for all our premium plugins.

When you install a plugin, go to the settings page and activate the license key. You must do this for each plugin, even if you are installing more than one plugin on the same site.

How many sites can I use the plugins on?

When you buy the All Access Pass, you can choose to use it on either 1, 5 or 20 sites.

For example, if you choose the 20-site option then you can activate every plugin on up to 20 sites. This is calculated separately per plugin, so you can use different plugins on different sites.

Can I buy a lifetime All Access Pass?

Unfortunately we only offer the All Access Pass as an annual subscription. If you cancel your subscription then you can keep using the plugins you have already installed after your license key expires, but won't receive any future updates or support, or access to new plugins which are launched after the expiry date.

Can I upgrade to more sites in future?

Yes, if you buy an All Access Pass for 1 or 5 sites then you can upgrade it to cover more sites in future, and just pay the difference.

If you want to use the All Access Pass for more than 20 sites then please contact us to discuss special pricing.

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