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Comparison: Password Protected Categories, WooCommerce Private Store & WooCommerce Protected Categories

We have three similar WordPress content protection plugins, each designed to meet a specific need:

  • Password Protected Categories (PPC) - A simple plugin to password protect any WordPress content type including posts or any custom post type (portfolios, events, documents, etc.). Also has a 'Private categories' option which hides categories and their posts so that only user roles with access to private content can see them. Perfect for creating a hidden area of your blog or portfolio.
  • WooCommerce Private Store (WPS) - A fully featured but simple-to-use plugin to hide an entire WooCommerce store from public view, so that only logged in users or people with the password can access it. The public parts of the website (e.g. pages and posts) remain unaffected and visible too all. Perfect for creating a B2B-only or members-only online shop.
  • WooCommerce Protected Categories (WPC) - Our most advanced protection plugin offers a full range of options for protecting one or more WooCommerce categories and their products. Choose between basic password protection, or automatically unlock categories to certain user roles or even individual logged in users. Perfect for creating a wholesale store that runs alongside your public online shop; or selling customer-specific products.

Need the features of more than one of these plugins? They're all fully compatible with each other, so you can use more than one on the same site!

Categories/taxonomies for any WordPress content type, and the posts within. Includes WooCommerce products, pages, posts, and any custom post type Y N N
All WooCommerce content including shop page, products, categories, cart, checkout & account N Y N
Specific WooCommerce categories and their products Y N Y
Password protection (no user account required) Y Y Y
Unlock for ALL logged in users (regardless of role) N Y Y
Unlock for specific user roles Y Y Y
Unlock for specific individual logged in users Y N Y
Create user-specific categories Y N Y
Hide protected content from public parts of the site Y Y Y
Show protected content in public parts of the site, but require a password/login to access Y N Y
Central password login form Y Y Y
Integrates with WordPress user login, or any front end login plugin Y Y Y


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