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Adding an extra button column to the product table

Most WooCommerce Product Table plugin users include the buy column so that their customers can buy directly from the product table. This isn't essential and you can either remove this column, or replace it with a button column linking to the single product page.

How to add a 'Show Details' button linking to single product page

You can create a column containing buttons linking to the product details page for each product. To do this, add button to the columns option, either on the plugin settings page or directly in the shortcode. For example:

[product_table columns="name,description,price,button"]

How to change the button text

The text for the button defaults to "Show details". You can change the text for the button using the button_text option in the shortcode. For example:

[product_table columns="name,description,price,button" button_text="More Information"]

Add to cart buttons

You can also show add to cart buttons in the product table. You can use these instead of, or in addition to, the 'button' column.

Can I add other types of button?

It's also possible to add other types of link or button to the product table. For example, you might want to add icons linking to downloadable files, or a button linking to an enquiry form.

You can achieve this by adding the buttons within a custom field and displaying it in the table. Please see our article about how to do this.

If you want to add quick view buttons to the product table, then you can do this by installing our WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin and using the two plugins together.

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