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How to use WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with multisite

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is designed to work with WordPress multisite. For example, you can use it to:

  • Run multiple wholesale stores, each one with separate products, settings and a separate checkout so that they effectively function as standalone stores.
  • Create a separate public and wholesale store, each on a different sub-site. (Of course, you can also run a public and wholesale store on a single website without multisite.)

What user roles do admins need to approve new wholesale users?

If you have enabled user moderation for your wholesale registration form, then administrators will receive an email when they need to approve a new account.

Users with a super admin role can access the 'Edit User' screen in order to approve or reject the pending wholesale account. Unfortunately, administrators who are not super admins cannot access this page by default. Instead, they can approve new wholesale registrations as follows:

  1. Go to the main list of 'Users' in the WordPress admin for the relevant site.
  2. Select all the users that they wish to approve and use the 'Bulk actions' dropdown to approve them.

If you wish, then you can enable administrators to access the 'Edit User' screen as follows:

  1. Install the free User Role Editor plugin.
  2. Network activate it.
  3. In your Network Admin, navigate to Settings > User Role Editor and check the 'Allow non super administrators to create, edit, and delete users' option under the Multisite tab.

You can also achieve this using custom code and this post is a good starting point to help you with that.

Please note that WordPress doesn't allow administrators to access the 'Edit User' page in a multisite for security reasons. Specifically, it is because users are shared across sites on multisite, so this can allow them to edit users on other sites in the network. We recommend thinking carefully about whether this is appropriate for your specific setup. If you are in doubt, then administrators should continue using the bulk actions method instead of allowing them to access the 'Edit User' page.

How many licenses do I need?

Each site within the multisite counts separately towards your license activation limit. Read more here.

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