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Which plugins are compatible with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro?

This article contains information about how our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin works with other third party plugins. It covers the features in the main WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin, such as wholesale user registration and login, wholesale pricing, product visibility, and user role management. If you are using it with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create wholesale order forms, then you should read this alongside the WooCommerce Product Table compatibility list.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is designed to work with many different plugins - not just WooCommerce! We have coded it in a standard way that follows the latest WordPress best practices. This makes it likely to work with a wide range of third party plugins. It's also designed to work with any WordPress theme.

While we don't guarantee compatibility with any third party plugins other than WooCommerce itself and the official integrations listed below, we have tested WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with various plugins and found that they work well together. Many of our customers tell us which plugins they are successfully using product tables with, so we have included these in the list too. There are also plugins where the plugin author has provided compatibility.

The following section contains advice on how to tell which plugins will work with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro.

Types of plugin

Pricing and discount plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro adds role-based pricing to your store. The only pricing plugin that it works with is our own WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin because we have specifically integrated the two plugins. This allows you to add other types of pricing rule - such as bulk discounts and customer-specific pricing - which work alongside your wholesale pricing.

Price display plugins

Some plugins change the way that prices are displayed on the shop, category, and single product page - for example, plugins that display recommended retail pricing or sale prices. These may not work with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro because of the way that it crosses out the main price and displays the wholesale price alongside. If another plugin is also trying to change how prices are displayed then this could cause a conflict.

Multi-currency plugins

We are aware of 3 multi-currency plugins which work with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro:

  • We have integrated WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with WPML's WooCommerce Multilingual plugin and Aelia's WooCommerce Currency Switcher. Use it with either of these plugins to create a multi-currency wholesale store, where users see the appropriate B2B prices for both their currency and role. For both integrations, automatic price conversion based on the exchange rate settings in your multi-currency plugin is fully supported. Configuring product-specific wholesale prices in alternative currencies on individual products is not currently supported, so we recommend setting wholesale percentage discounts at a global or category level instead.
  • YayCurrency have also integrated with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro. They have kindly provided documentation about how to use the two plugins together.

Add to cart options plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro doesn't change the add to cart element of WooCommerce - for example, the quantity picker, variation dropdowns, or add to cart button. As a result, you can use WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with plugins that interact with the quantity picker (e.g. minimum/maximum quantity plugins or WooCommerce Quantity Manager), variation plugins (e.g. bulk variations or variation swatch plugins), product options plugins (e.g. Product Options), or plugins that change the add to cart button.

The only possible exception is that if you are using a plugin that changes pricing (e.g. a product options plugin where the options increase the cost of the product) then these will generally use the standard price and not have wholesale discounts applied. The wholesale price will still be used for the overall product, but not for any individual options that the wholesale user suggests. If you need this then we recommend using product variations instead, as these are part of WooCommerce and support wholesale pricing.

Cart and checkout plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro does not interact directly with the WooCommerce cart or checkout. It should therefore work with any plugin that modifies the cart and checkout, for example Checkout Field Editor.

Payment and shipping plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro has a feature that lets you control which user roles can see each payment gateway and shipping option. If you use plugins to add extra payment gateways or shipping methods (e.g. Table Rate Shipping), then these will generally work with WooCommerce Wholesale Pro so that you can choose which roles can see them.

Apart from the visibility of the payment and shipping options, WooCommerce Wholesale Pro doesn't interact directly with payments or shipping because these are handled by WooCommerce itself. For example, it will work with WooCommerce Subscriptions or any delivery slots plugin.

Product visibility plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro lets you restrict product categories so that they are visible to Public users, Wholesale users, or both. It is designed to work with WooCommerce Protected Categories to add more fine-grained control, such as the ability to restrict categories to specific users or roles. It will also work with most other product visibility plugins (e.g. membership plugins), although you should test everything carefully to make sure the logic is working in the way you expect.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro will also work with plugins that control the visibility of certain elements of your store, such as the display of prices or the add to cart button (e.g. Catalog Visibility Options). If you do this then we recommend disabling the 'Hide Price Until Login' feature in WooCommerce Wholesale Pro to avoid conflicts or confusion.

Order management plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro does not interact directly with orders, as these are managed by WooCommerce itself. If the customer has paid the wholesale price then this is stored in the standard price field for the order, so no extra data is stored on the order. WooCommerce Wholesale Pro should therefore work with any plugin that modifies the order process, such as custom order status plugins and order notification plugins.

Inventory and stock management plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro does not affect stock management in your store, as this is handled by WooCommerce itself. You can therefore use it with any inventory management plugin - either to control stock in the back end, or to add extra information about stock in the front end (e.g. WooCommerce Lead Time).

Product import plugins

Most of your product data is stored by WooCommerce itself, so you can import products using any import plugin such as Product CSV Import Suite. If you do this then we recommend using the global or category wholesale discounts because these will automatically apply the correct wholesale pricing to imported products. If you need to import specific wholesale prices for individual products then please see our article on how to do this.

User role management plugins

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro lets you create wholesale user roles. You can use it alongside other user role management plugins such as User Role Editor because it works directly with the WordPress user system. If you have used WooCommerce Wholesale Pro to create a wholesale role then you should be able to edit it using a role management plugin; but you can't use other plugins to create wholesale roles as WooCommerce Wholesale Pro will not recognise these as wholesale roles.

What if I discover a problem?

For each plugin listed above, we have indicated whether it's an official integration or whether we have simply tested with that plugin. For official integrations, Barn2 take responsibility for compatibility. For tested plugins, if you find any compatibility issues then you would need to ask a developer to fix the problem for you because they are not officially supported. Please also let us know so that we can update the information.

We've partnered with Codeable to provide our customers with expert help if required.

Unrelated plugins

There are many plugins which you can use alongside WooCommerce Product Table, but aren't directly related to it. For example, this includes your SEO plugins (e.g. WordPress SEO, Google Analytics, and All In One SEO Pack), performance-enhancing plugins (e.g. caching) and security plugins (e.g. iThemesSecurity and Wordfence).

We haven't listed these plugins because they don't directly affect your product tables. However, the vast majority of unrelated plugins will work correctly with WooCommerce Product Table. Please send us a support request if you are unsure, or get the plugin and use our 30-day money back guarantee if needed.

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