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Will WooCommerce Product Table work with my theme?

WooCommerce Product Table has been coded to work with any theme. With over 1,400 users, people all over the globe are successfully using it with many different themes.

Please don't worry if your theme is not listed below. If there are any conflicts with your theme, then our plugin support includes fixing these if this is realistic. If the worst happens, you can always take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee, which lets you try the plugin risk-free.

Our own plugin demo site uses the official Storefront theme and we highly recommend it. Storefront comes with a range of child themes, giving you a huge choice of designs and styles.

We also test the plugin with the most popular themes such as StorefrontAvada, Divi, Flatsome, X, Genesis, Enfold, Bridge, Salient, Uncode, Total, Ronneby, and many others. While we don't guarantee their compatibility, if you discover any issues with these themes then we will do our best to provide a fix.

Incompatible themes

We also publish a separate list of themes and plugins which are unfortunately not compatible with WooCommerce Product Table.

Help us improve this list!

We're always looking for more themes and plugins that work well with WooCommerce Product Table. If you're successfully using it with any other plugins that might be of interest to other people, please let us know. We might even be able to showcase your website as a case study!

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