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Does the plugin handle UK VAT?

Even though the UK has now left the EU, our Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT plugin continues to fully support UK VAT.

This article explains what this means. You may also like our guide on what happens after Brexit.

Charging UK VAT

The plugin has the UK VAT rate built into it, so your UK customers will automatically be charged the current tax rate on the EDD checkout. You do not need to manually add the UK tax rate to your EDD tax settings.

VAT invoices

The plugin continues to add information about UK tax to your EDD invoices. There's a field on the settings page where you can add your UK VAT number. This will be displayed on invoices alongside your EU VAT number.

Storing information about UK VAT collected

The plugin continues to store the required information about the UK tax that you have collected, in exactly the same way that it does for your EU sales.

VAT reporting

The UK is still included in the VAT report that is provided by the plugin. When you do your VAT returns, simply report the tax on your sales from EU countries on your MOSS VAT return, and the tax from your UK sales on your UK VAT return. Each country is listed on a separate line of the report, so this is straightforward to do.

Reverse charge mechanism for UK businesses

Our plugin integrates the Easy Digital Downloads checkout with the UK VAT numbers database. When one of your customers enters a UK VAT number into the VAT number field, this will validate and reverse charge their VAT.

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