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Can I show the main 'Shop' page to wholesale users?

When a wholesale user logs into their account, the main 'Shop' page is hidden (e.g. from navigation menus) and they are directed to the 'Wholesale Store' page. This is a wholesale version of the public Shop page, so there is no need for them to use the main Shop page.

Having a dedicated shop page for wholesale users means that you can:

  • Change the name of the page or add other wholesale-specific information to it.
  • Have a different layout for the wholesale store page (e.g. the order form layout, if you're using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin).

To make your store easy to navigate, we recommend adding the 'Wholesale Store' page to your menu. Guests will see the main Shop page, and wholesale users will see the Wholesale Store page instead.

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