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Can I list WooCommerce products with Posts Table Pro?

Our Posts Table Pro plugin can list any type of WordPress post, including any custom post type. WooCommerce products are a custom post type, so in theory you can use Posts Table Pro to list WooCommerce products. However, we don't recommend this because we have a dedicated plugin for this - WooCommerce Product Table.

WooCommerce Product Table is easier to use because it is designed specifically for listing WooCommerce products. It also has extra features for WooCommerce that you don't get with Posts Table Pro, including:

  • 'Buy' column containing quantity picker, variation dropdowns and add to cart buttons or checkboxes
  • Support for product variations
  • Price column, including your store currency
  • Stock column, which can either display the stock status or exact stock levels
  • Reviews column
  • Filter widgets
  • Integration with other plugins such as WooCommerce Quick View Pro and Product Options, which let you add even more features which will help to increase your sales

You can use Posts Table Pro and WooCommerce Product Table on the same website. Use WooCommerce Product Table to list products, and Posts Table Pro to list other content types.

If you really want to use Posts Table Pro for WooCommerce products too, then we've provided a video about how to do this. This explains the field names that you will need to display information such as the product price and description.

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