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Adding advanced search to your product tables

WooCommerce Product Table comes with an instant AJAX search box which appears above the table. If you require more advanced search options then you can use it with SearchWP.

SearchWP have released an integration which allows you to upgrade the search box in WooCommerce Product Table so that it is powered by SearchWP. This allows you to use all of SearchWP's powerful search functionality with your product tables, including:

  • Choose which data is searchable, including data that isn't usually indexed such as attributes and custom fields.
  • Control how search results are ordered and prioritized.
  • Analytics and reporting on how people are using the search.

This is how to use SearchWP to power your WooCommerce Product Table search box:

  1. Install WooCommerce Product Table, SearchWP and the free integration plugin.
  2. Enable lazy load in WooCommerce Product Table (this is essential because the integration only works with lazy loaded product tables).

And that's it! When a customer uses the search box above your product tables, the results will be powered by SearchWP.

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