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Can I password protect or hide the product table?

WooCommerce Product Table doesn’t provide an option to password protect the tables or make them available to logged in users only. However, you can achieve this in other ways. For example:

  • Password Protect Page WordPressYou can mark the page where you have added the product table as private. By default, private pages only appear to logged in Administrators and Editors but you can use a plugin such as User Role Editor to make private pages available to other user roles too.
  • Instead of making it available to logged in users, you could password protect the page.

How to create password protected or private pages in WordPress

You can password protect pages or mark them as private using the visibility options in the Publish section at the top right of the add/edit page screen.

This will protect the page containing the product table, but it will not product the individual products within in it, so people could still access them directly.

Password protect the whole of WooCommerce, or specific product categories

​If you want to hide individual products, categories etc. then it’s safer to use our WooCommerce Private Store plugin (if you want to protect your whole store) or WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin (if you want to protect specific parts of your store). You can use these plugins with WooCommerce Product Table by enabling the option on the plugin settings page to show product tables on your shop and category pages, which are protected and only visible to people with the correct access.

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