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How to change the alignment of the post table content

Posts Table Pro aligns all content to the left, which works fine for most tables.

There’s currently no built-in option to change the alignment, but you can achieve this using simple CSS. You can center column text by adding the following to your theme’s stylesheet or in the Customizer (see Appearance → Customize → Custom CSS):

Center Alignment:

.posts-data-table th, .posts-data-table td {
    text-align: center;

Right Alignment:

.posts-data-table th, .posts-data-table td {
    text-align: right;

If you need any help with this, or other alignment options such as vertically centering the table contents, then you can post a job on Codeable where their pre-approved WordPress experts will send you a price.

We've partnered with Codeable to provide our customers with expert help if required.

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