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Can users add and edit information in the table from the front end?

The Posts Table Pro plugin makes it easy to add and manage posts in the WordPress admin. WordPress comes with various user roles so that you can just give people the access levels they require. You can create additional roles with the User Role Editor plugin.

However, you may want users to be able to add and/or edit posts from the front end of your website, without having to see the WordPress admin at all. You can do this by using Posts Table Pro alongside some other high quality front end editing plugins.

Adding posts from the front end

Use Posts Table Pro with the Gravity Forms plugin to add a 'Submit post' form to the front end of your website, either on a public or private page. Once created, posts will be added to the library immediately or you can hold them for moderation by an administrator.

Front end post editing

You can also allow logged in users to edit posts. To do this, you need to use Posts Table Pro alongside the WP Sheet Editor plugin. This adds a button above or below the post library (which you can show for specific user roles only). They can click this to open a spreadsheet-style editing interface for the posts.

You can use this to edit any of the information which is stored about your posts. For example, if you want to edit post filenames or titles in bulk then you can do it with WP Sheet Editor.

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